Down grade to 4.4

Hi all

 I am fairly new at this and yesterday when I hooked up a new used Apple tv2 it updated automatically to the 6.0.1 and at the same time I received the email saying not to upgrade the new 6.0.1! LOL so I panicked and unpluged it thinking it might not take effect. Well it messed up my new used Apple tv2 . Had to plug it into itunes and restore about a dozen times before I relized the new mini USB cord I bought wasnt compatable. Anyhoo its updated and now I have to wait for who knows how long for a hopefully Untethered jailbreak.

 Question:Is there not a way to down grade our software to 4.4 so we could put thr untethered Jailbrake on?

4.4 is tethered. You might as well go to 5.3

In sorry on my untethered atv2 it says 4.4.4 version. thought that meant it is untethered. Well anyways I have the new 6.0.1 (not by choice) I guess I could be waiting a while for the jailbrake! Or is there another avenue I could go down?

You can still do the 5.3 tethered jb while apple is still signing it. Its better than nothing.

How long do I have until do you think. Not home and won’t be til late

4.4 = Tethered

4.4.4 = Untethered

Subject of this thread is 4.4.

Sorry didn’t know there was a difference