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Ok I currently don’t have a DV capable TV but it arrives in a couple of days and in the meantime I have been collecting some DV profile 5 media that has zero HDR fallback.

I normally connect to Infuse through Plex. As I expected in Plex directly the lack of a DV TV gives the pink and green hue.
In Infuse the exact same files play perfectly on my Samsung. So what did I miss?
I was under the impression that without HDR fallback there would always be the pink and green hue?

Is this some magical Infuse sorcery or tonemapping or am I missing something?

Plex currently does not support DoV profile 5, only profile 7 (allegedly).

As for infuse, the following thread has all the answers you may require.

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I’m a nutshell, you’re on the right track, nothing to worry about.

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I think much confusion with DV is often down to the vague/misleading usage of the words “support for” and Plex are guilty as hell of this.
Triggering Dolby Vision on the device but actually playing HDR10 is not my definition of “support for.”

Either way thanks for the clarification.
It’s great to know that when my Samsung gets moved in another room I can buy another ATV and Infuse will play them regardless. (I had actually started creating a separate library for some shows as I had obviously mistakenly thought they would be pink and green on anything except a DV capable TV.

Again thanks for the help.

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