DoVi P5 playing as HDR in 7.5+

Hello I have Apple TV 4K 2017. Before 7,5 working móvies p5 DV, now only HDR, but p5 dont have hdr. Thanks.

Can you post mediainfo of the video? Perhaps the file isn’t truly p5

its a mp4 and I don’t know how get media info in MacOs. The files are from dvdfab one layer dv, or from tsmuxer m2ts. All the files work before 7.5. I remember same problem in infuse a year ago. Thanks.

There was a bug with DV in the last version of infuse.
Download this and post the details from the video section


DV one layer not working for me. After 7.5 worked. Any info ?

Can you describe what is not working?

Hi, I have a dovi movies convert with dvdfab to profile 5, before 7.5 worked but now only HDR logo in lg c2, I send you a test file one week ago. Thanks.

Thanks. I have located your sample and this is being looked into.

I also merged your posts into this single thread to make things easier to keep track of.


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We’ve reviewed your sample, and it seems this file was not properly converted to DoVi P5.

As a result, Infuse will fall back to HDR when playing this file.

There was a bug in previous versions where DoVi would be enabled for some files that were actually playing in HDR, so this may explain the behavior you were seeing in earlier versions.

If you are looking to convert DoVi Profile 7 videos to something the Apple TV can support there is some really good info in this post.

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For me I don’t use DVDFab to “convert” profile 7 Blu-Ray titles I use it to encode the Blu-Ray title to profile 5.

The size and bit-rate are somewhat less and consequently less problematic.

It looks to me like, apart from the size reduction encoding brings, the enhancement layer is omitted (MEL?) but the RPU layer is present. I believe the RPU layer carries the frame metadata and forms a significant part of the improvement that DV brings.

I haven’t seen coherent documentation of what is allowed but I think at some point I saw some Dolby Vision documentation that said that what I see in these alleged profile 5 DV encodes is a valid variation.

But there are so many variations … right?


Profile 5 is a valid format, but it doesn’t allow for HDR fallback which makes it suboptimal for a few reasons…

  1. It doesn’t have any fallback to HDR10.
  2. It can’t be tone mapped to SDR (people are doing this though and doing outside of what is allowed by Dolby)

This is all because of Profile 5 using a different ICtCp color space v.s the common YCbCr color space.

Converting to Profile 8 is all about compatibility since Profile 8 is a single layer Dolby Vision stream in the YCbCr color space with HDR10 fallback that can be tone mapped to SDR if necessary.


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