Doubles of covers

I use a WD mycloud to hold all my movies. It has worked fine in a long time but suddenly I have double up on covers when I look through my movies with Infuse on my Apple TV 4

I have checked the WD mycloud and there are only one movie of everyone- not 2 or 3 of every single one.

What can I do to make it go away?



Are you connecting via UPnP/DLNA by chance? In some cases when streaming via either of these, Infuse may display duplicates while your NAS is updating/scanning.

Connecting via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV can help avoid this.

Hello James

Yes, I Can see that I have uset UPnp/DLNA - I Will have to find out more how to chance this as I do not know anything about this.


A quick test would be to try and browse for a new share via Infuse > Settings > Shares. If multiple connection types are available you’ll see them listed in parenthesis.


WD MyCloud (SMB)
WD MyCloud (UPnP)

Ahhh now I found it. Thanks a lot!
And it also helped with the double covers !

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