Double Titles

Hello there.
First of all, I’m using Infuse for about four months and pretty satisfied with the experience.

Because I don’t want my synology to be on for hours, I moved my TV series into enigma2 receiver and installed a smb server. Because I mostly watch TV Shows.
But I didn’t delete plex TV Shows library. I don’t want to.
As I didn’t, now there are double entries for each of my TV series and episodes.

I tried to hide TV Shows of Plex from favorites on Infuse but this didn’t do the trick.

Is there another way of preventing this problem?
What do you recommend?

If you are seeing doubles in the Library, you can uncheck one of the Favorites found in Settings > Library. This would still allow these files to be accessible via the main favorite on the Home Screen, but would prevent duplicates from appearing in the Library.

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So, I won’t use main screen.
If I use favorites then, I will not see duplicates.

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