Double Tap on Apple TV remote to zoom

If I watch a movie on Apple TV (without infuse) then I can make a double tap on the remote which makes a zoom from a 4:3 video or a Cinemascope Video to full screen.

Can you please this double tap also activate in infuse? I Know I can this cativate with the menu (stripe down, Video, Zoom). But it is easier with the double tap. The Double tap works also without interrupting (pause) the video.

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Moving to suggestions. Thanks!


Hello. New here and loving Infuse so far. But still missing some neat UX details from the native player. The most crucial one is the ability to double-tap during playback to change the Zoom mode between normal and crop. This is so great to get rid of black bars. I miss this so much. Any chance to have it implemented please?



This would be handy so you don’t have to dive into the top menu.
The Apple TV(+?) app also does this. You just have to double-tap the touch area of the remote.


This would be amazing, I can’t wait for this to be added to Infuse!

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+1 here

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I know this is an old thread, but I’d really like a feature like this.

I often watch Bluray remux videos (with hardcoded black bars) and having to crawl through the crop and aspect ratio menus just to zoom in is quite cumbersome.


I’d love it if in the future will be possible with Apple TV, as it already is with Netflix and Prime apps, to zoom into a video with a quick double tap on the remote control pad. A second double tap to return to the normal condition. Thanks in advance for your attention.


Please consider this feature. It would be really appreciated.

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+1 on this, pretty please!

Can the apple TV version of infuse be like movies purchased from itunes, and the screen can be directly cropped to a full screen by double-tapping the touchpad on the remote control?

Sadly not (yet).

With only 9 likes it’s probably not very high in the to do list for the developers.



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Wish there was this simple function…

Hello, I‘ve opened this thread five years ago. Because I am still missing this function, I want to ask, if there is any chance to implement this simple function?

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Me too dont’t understand why we have to wait so long to have this function.

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That is a key indicator of the number of users who want this feature.