Don't want local metadata, prefer Infuse metadata

I have searched the forums, but find the exact opposite of what i am looking for :slight_smile:

My previous setup was with a MiniX device and Kodi to view my movies en tv shows. In that situation I needed local .JPG files for the metadata.
But now I have a Apple TV with Infuse. Works great, but the metadata that is show comes from the local .JPG files on the NAS.
Sometimes there are screenshots etc also in the movie folder. But they show up as cover for the movie.
When I reset the metadata with the help of Infuse it remains the .JPG file that was found in that folder. When I remove all .JPG files and i reset the metadata it works perfectly. But I have around 150 movies and 20 tv shows. Dont want to do that manually.

Is there an option that Infuse can always use the metadata that it prefers? And doesnt look at the .JPG files at all?


I believe that if you go to the settings menu on the home screen of Infuse you can set “Metadata Fetching” to on and “Embedded Metadata” to off then you should get what you want.

That is what I have done. But it still fetches the .JPG files that are in the same folder as the movie.
Even if I override it by refetching metadata the .JPG remains visible as cover.
Only by deleting the .JPG files and then refetching metadata it shows the correct one that was found by Infuse.

Unfortunately there’s no way to force Infuse to ignore external image files at this time.

One workaround would be to connect via UPnP/DLNA as the images will not be available to Infuse, but the trade off is using either of these would be they prevent you from using Infuse’s Library feature.

Is there a solution to this yet?

Delete the local metadata files.