Don't use season/series backdrops as episode art

I have a bunch of TV shows that have a poster image and series backdrop, but not art for individual episodes. (Obscure documentaries, mostly.) When browsing episodes, they all look the same, like this:

Whereas if I find a show that doesn’t have a backdrop in TMDB, Infuse helpfully produces automatic thumbnails from stills from the videos. (Unfortunately I don’t have any examples, as I’ve uploaded backdrops to TMDB for all the documentaries!)

I far prefer the automatic thumbnails from stills – even if they’re not usually as good as the user-selected ones on TMDB, at least they still obviously look like different episodes, and I can form a unique visual association. While re-using the backdrop over and over again just makes it look visually like I’ve accidentally imported a bunch of duplicates. (Also, I associate the backdrop with the series as a whole, so it makes it less clear at a glance whether I’m on a screen where I’m selecting the series, or in episode selection.)

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