FYI Everyone, do yourself a favor and wait to update to 5.2. NONE of the third party plugins work. Firecore’s plugins barely work. Just a BIG FYI to everyone. Might save you a headache. 

Actually, I’m happy on 5.2, it’s working great for me on my bedroom ATV2, and I like the new features (reordering of icons, output to AirPlay, Shared Photostreams, enhanced screensaver options, and more.)   FireCore’s man plugin, MediaPlayer, seems to be working fine (so I’m not sure what you mean by “barely work.”)  I can live without Plex and XBMC for now.  Of course, I still have those on my living room ATV2, jailbroken on 5.0.x.   Still, I wouldn’t necessarily scare folks away from updating.  So long as they’re okay not running Plex or XBMC for now (and for many, ATVFlash’s Media Player is sufficient) then there’s no reason to avoid 5.2.

Just my 2 ¢.

Too late.  I couldnt jailbreak and I had been having issues of random reboots for a couple of weeks so I decided to update and then try the jailbreak again.  Still wont work.  Wish this had happened before i forked out for lifetime updates.  Cannot jailbreak (seas0npass does not recognise the aTV at all, didnt before I updated and doesnt now) so cannot use AppleTVflash(black) at all.  Looks like I am stuck with airplaying via plex on my iphone or ipad.

XBMC now works on 5.2. Just waiting on Plex. For me 5.2 was and is a great upgrade!


Strange…in the past several weeks I have successfully rejailbroke my ATV2 running firmwares 5.0.2 and 5.2.   I decided to stay on  firmware 5.2, now that XBMC and ROWMOTE are compatible.  I suggest you keep  trying (attempting with both firmwares) with ATV2, perhaps one will give

No longer true.  Check FireCore blog page for update status=>


Right now all that’s missing in OS 5.2 is compatibility with Plex.  


In the meantime I have the PleXMBC channel installed inside XBMC and it’s working okay.