Dont Think I'm Going To . . . .

. . . . Jailbreak to IOS5

Two main reasons:

  1. Given everytime I’ve had to re jailbreak it takes about a days worth of effort getting over the various hurdles, a day I do not have.

  2. It has taken me ages to get the Metadata correct on my 100’s of movies. Given that about 1 in 20 loads wrong, I have no intention of going through them all and correcting all the wrong ones again (I dont have a list of which ones went wrong the last few times). This is the biggest issue for me.

So, for the sake of some new icons, I really dont think its worth re-jailbreaking given that for me, at the moment, everything is stable!


Did you really need to post this? I’ve wasted two minutes of my life reading it when I could have been helping others  :confused:

Two Mins? Really?

Damn I just wasted 2 minutes and 26 seconds reading the replies and replying  :slight_smile:


Can I get a refund?

Meh I’m a slow reader  :slight_smile: