Don't sync Itunes, just use all mp3 on external HD. How?

I have a brand new Apple TV that I just flashes. Main reason to buy it, is to use it as a media center so I can attach the external HD with all the music to the apple TV instead of the macbook.

But I'm beginning to wonder if there is a way to tell Itunes the music is all on the external drive, as I keep reading of syncing. I don't want it to sync, just use the external HD as it is.

Is this possible? Otherwise I'll need to buy another external HD and have it sync over 300GB of mp3 with the current HD which looks like rather stupid?



Unfortunately any iTunes media you wish to view on the AppleTV must be synced or streamed through iTunes.

You can install the XBMC or Boxee to play your extenal music however as far as i know u can’t use the main itunes/“MUSIC” menu on main menu to do so unless syncing.