Don't install the TVOS 15 beta if you use Infuse

7.0.5. has played the few videos I’ve thrown at it from my Plex server (on tvOS15 beta). So far so good! Will report back if I get any crashes.

Does Spatial Audio work with Infuse on TVOS 15?

Yes it does! But I’ve only been able to get it to do stereo spatial audio even when playing 5.1 or 7.1 trueHD files. I have the AirPod Pros so not sure if the AirPod Max’s would give a different result.

I am noticing a lot of random frame rate issues though. Could be a tvOS15 issue though just thought I would point that out.

I have Max and am seeing the same thing as you.

The only change for tvOS 15 in this version is a fix for the crash which prevented videos from playing at all.

Still plenty of things to explore in the betas. :wink:

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