Don't install the TVOS 15 beta if you use Infuse

All videos crash the app now. If you use Infuse it is best to wait for Firecore to send a compatible update.


I wish I read it before upgrade :slight_smile:


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Same here lol. Is your share an SMB? Mine is.

Yes, I wish I had read this before I upgraded my all Apple devices to 15 Beta…

My work around is AirPlay my videos from Infuse App from my iOS device (iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 15 Beta installed) to my Apple TV 2021

Waiting for Firecore to releases an update sooon :sob:


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All videos not working with tvOS 15 Beta 1, The app will crashing when you try to play any videos, Hope to solve this problem :frowning:

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You might be waiting a while. Apple makes numerous changes in early and mid betas so it’s usually not worth it for developers to be constantly pushing out “fixes” for issues that apple might fix in a later beta. If you need ti downgrade make an appointment at an apple store. If you still have applecare they might swap out your unit for one that isn’t running a beta.

Quick update.

The crash should be fixed in the next update.

However, it’s likely there are other bugs present which may not be addressed for a number of weeks/months.

For this reason, I would not recommend installing beta releases on your main device. :slight_smile:


I’ll add this link, as sometimes people don’t understand or forget what it means when signing to be an apple beta tester.

I see it all the time in other forums… some angry dink complaining about how their game doesn’t work because they installed developer BETA 1 and then demand the game get fixed.

As a temporary solution…. Infuse 5 plays videos fine on tvos15 :+1:


How exactly do you find Infuse 5 on the app store and install it? I upgraded to tvOS15 and would like to know how to get infuse 5. Thanks!

If you had purchased it you would look in your purchased apps in the app store. It won’t be in the regular app store but it will be in your purchased area.

Surprisingly enough it works on iPadOS 15 (so far for my device) but I hope it doesn’t crash on me like it does on iOS 15.
I know these are beta softwares but hopefully there’s a fix soon :slight_smile:

@NC_Bullseye aah I see I’m rather new to infuse and only purchased Infuse 7 (yearly) recently. Any other way to get a temporary working Infuse setup on tvOS15? Infuse Pro 6 Maybe?

Guess that’s what I get for jumping into the beta arena lol although the spatial audio is worth it!

You’ll be better off just waiting for the next release. It should be very soon and I’m pretty sure it addresses the tvOS15 issue. Hang in there. :wink:

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Meanwhile you can use your Apple TV via an iOS device up and including iOS / iPadOS 15 beta through AirPlay,

Today’s 7.0.5 update includes a fix for the crash when playing videos on tvOS 15 beta 1.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Great - thanks James! Can’t wait to test it out!