Don't bother.

I hope this is being read by people considering buying aTV Flash. If so, don’t bother. I made the mistake of ordering it and now I am out the cash with nothing to show for it. No replies to support tickets. Total waste of money!



UPDATE! I was able to JailBreak by leaving the power cord plugged in during restore. All is well now! With that, I can recommend this product!


It works well for me, and the few times I have submitted a support ticket I have always got a response and/or a bug fix in the next release.

Maybe I can have you submit my support tickets for me then? I really want this to work!


I disagree! I think this is great software and really liberates the aTV! I have had and still have a few bugs, my posts get responses to, my bugs fixed or being worked on and my suggestions listened to.

The current software works fairly well and I know in the future things will only improve.

So - If you are thinking of buying this software, go ahead and do it, you wont be disappointed!!!


Absolutely the best software available for the ATV. I have both GEN 1 and GEN 2. They have always worked for mt and Firecore has always been responsive not to mention the great forum. You just have to remember that ATV Black is RC1. You have to expect issues. I have run ATV Black ever since it was BETA. Yep had issues but DUHHH it was BETA.