Don’t mark videos as “Watching” when selected in error

(especially if selected because of inconsistent UI experience)

Often, trying to figure out how to use the latest version of Infuse on my Apple TV, I’ll try long pressing on a video’s poster/thumbnail image seeking a pop-up options menu; or short press the same seeking a details page … and when there isn’t one, the video begins playing back instead.

No matter how quick I realize this, and back out, the video is immediately flagged as “Watching” and added to the UP NEXT bar and playback queue. Even if the video never even started playing, because the server connection didn’t have time to establish.

When long pressing, and there is no menu, there’s the feeling of dread knowing Infuse is going to spin up your hard drives as soon as you let go of the button, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. :grimacing:

You then have to select the item again, get to its details page, and twice press “marked as watched” / “marked as unwatched” to remove it from the WATCHING (in-progress) list. Tedious and annoying.


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