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Question on Dolby Vision. Tell me what settings you need to make in ATV or InFuse, so that the content recorded from DV in this quality is reproduced. Now the menu goes to DV, and movies from DV to HDR.

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When playing DV videos, Infuse will automatically switch the Apple TV into the correct mode, as long as it’s supported by your TV and the Match Content options are enabled as described here. About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support

If your TV is switching to HDR instead of DV, it’s possible the video being played is actually in an HDR format and not DV. If you are able to upload a sample, we’d be happy to review it here.

I watch the same films with OPPO and the film goes to DV

The films need to be single layer DV. If it’s dual layer (most ISO and most remux) then it won’t play. You can manually create your own single layer DV tracks from the source using the windows version of DVDFab


I actually have the very same problem. Sony A9F is switching to Dolby Vision when turning on Apple TV 4K and staying in DV when I start Infuse 6 and my DV movies. But when I turn on the “match content” option, only the Home screen from Apple TV and the Infuse 6 interface is in Dolby Vision and it instantly switches to normal HDR when I go watch any movie (DV movies) included on there. Format is “HEVC HDR Dolby Vision mp4”.

I suppose this is due to all of my movies being double layer DV. So are there any plans to develop double layer DV support in the future?

Double layer supper is dependant in Apple providing it. As all iTunes content is single layer I doubt they will.

What practical disadvantage is there when I convert my double layer movies into single layer DVs via DVDFab? What kind of information do I loose here?

Single layer is pure HDR. Dual layer can contain an SDR track and an HDR track. You lose SDR and have to rely on HDR to SDR conversion on non hdr TVs.

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Also, doing this will put the files in mp4 format which loses support for HD audio.