Dolby Vision

Since dvdfab know can recode Blu-ray dolby vision into single layer DV, will Infuse support this files. I have 30 bd with dolby vision and IT would bee Nice to watch them on appletv.

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This is an interesting development, and something we’ll be looking into.

I have made a testfile. This is DV single Layer

[link removed]

Thanks! Will take a look.



It will be great to implement a profile five single-layer DV support ( Apple TV has dvhe codec support already for profile 5 ). MrMc is already supporting it. I have tested myself with a few videos made using DVDFab. Can confirm it works. You will find more information here Dolby Vision - MrMC. If you need anything from me, let me know. Will be happy to share some sample videos with you.
Some more sample videos [link removed] ( these are not ripped with DVDfab, but they are similar profile 5 )

Thanks. We’re looking into this, and hope to have more news soon.

We have added Dolby Vision support for the upcoming 6.1.4 release.

If you’re interested in trying a beta early, please let me know.

That’s great news! I am very interested. Do you need any information from me?

Email sent. :slight_smile:

I would beta test please

I’d be interested in beta testing too.
I have DVD Fab and the latest version on the Mac did not produce a good Dolby Vision file from Ready Player One so it would be interesting to compare… it was all green.
I have an LG 65UH950T which is an LCD panel with passive 3D and Dolby Vision.

Emails sent. :slight_smile:

Can I get beta too?

Hi James,

I am also highly interested in getting beta access to test Dolby Vision support.

Equipment: ATV 4k, Sony XF 90, Denon AVR-x1400h, Apple Dev Access

Best Regards,

Today’s 6.1.4 update adds support for single-layer Dolby Vision.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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I have both Infuse Pro and MrMC and noticed MrMC has the capability to play Dolby Vision content so I know it’s doable. It would be great if this could be added to the next or upcoming release.

Zero remuxes in wild with DV yet, probably low priority. Obvious images have the data.

This is something we hope to look into in the future.

FWIW, at this time no apps support dual track DV, which is what is used on 4K UHD discs and is really the only one that has any real world usability.