Dolby Vision

OK. When there are 2 video streams it’s a double layer then ?

To play back Dolby Vision for the films which are on my NAS (iso, mkv, etc.), what can I do ?

Because when I play them with Infuse, my Panasonic GZ 2000 says it’s only HDR, never Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos.

If one video stream is HDR10 and the other Dolby Vision yes it is a dual layer Dolby Vision video.

AFAIK there is no way currently do play dual layer dolby vision / True HD Atmos (the flavor you have on UHD Blu-Ray discs) on Apple TV.
And it is not easy because Apple does not support or allow it. The Firecore Infuse team is certanly trying hard to do it.

I use a clone of Oppo 203 with a special firmware to play Dolby Vision+Atmos from my NAS. It works great (although MKVs from animated movies have audio-dropouts in their Atmos tracks) but is nowhere as convenient as Infuse.

What you think about oppo clone Vs atv4k I’m talking about PQ?


What is the exact name of the Oppo 203 clone you’re using to play Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos ?

Many of my 4K Dolby Vision films are on my NAS : I have little hope that the Infuse team find a solution one day…

M9702 v3

So the M9702 v3 is the only way to read 4K Dolby Vision / Atmos movies which are on my NAS ?

What are the applications you can install on your M9702 v3 ? Plex only ?

I have the M9702 V1. I can’t see any picture issue on this or Apple TV 4K.
The 2 big differences:

  • M9702 has Dolby Vision and TrueHD Atmos support
  • Infuse on Apple TV 4K is infinitely easier to use.

Only this device can play DV, this player does not have any apps only pure\raw menu the same like oppo 203\205.

Thanks for info soo upscaling from 1080p to 4k is similar? you dont see big diffrence?

I only use the M9702 for Dolby Vision/Atmos (what Infuse on Apple TV 4K does not support)
So I have not done a real comparison between the 2.

So the only hope is that the people at Infuse will find a software solution to manage the “double layer” with the Apple TV 4K ? Is that technically possible ?

No it’s not possible. You will need a program like dvdfab to remux/reencode all of your files to single layer. This is a hardware limitation by Apple. I doubt Apple will ever support dual layer as that’s a format found only on discs. All streams (and the content Apple sells) is single layer.

Ok but PC or other TV box’s like shield tv with Kodi also not support DV.

Yes but with only single layer, you can’t have Dolby Vision AND Dolby Atmos, right ?

Single layer Dolby vision is for video.
Atmos is for audio.

So you can have a file with single layer Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos a the same time.

OK, thanks.

But why can’t I play « single layer » Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos files that are in my NAS with Infuse and my Apple TV 4K ? As it is said that Infuse can play « single layer » now ?

What do I have to do ?

Since you can only make an mp4 with Dolby Vision to play in infuse, you can’t attach atmos to it. You can check the makemkv forums for ways to attach other types of HD audio to single layer DV mp4s that you rip. I think people have had success with e-ac3, but it seems kind of complicated. Some people aren’t quite happy with dvdfab’s DV mp4s either.

I have the iso blu-ray 4k movie which is DV such as Aquaman. if I play on infuse 6 via apple tv 4k, would it be DV? or it will always display as HDR?

HDR10 only. You need to compress the 2 video layers into one in order to play it since the ATV doesn’t support dual layers.

Always HDR. Only Oppo players and oppo knock offs support DV in iso.

I installed non paid version and it does not play any thing :frowning: