Dolby vision

dont dolby vision work in 11.2 ?
i have put the apple tv to change auto and hdr and sd work but when i try a dolby vision nothing happes.
the apple tv is set to have 4k dolby vision in the meny and that work and my lg oled b7 shows that i in dv mode

tried Index of /ffmpeg-bugs/trac/ticket5688


if i dont use the auto setting insted have every thing in dv it work and my tv show is using dv

Dolby Vision support is currently under investigation, and we hope to have more news soon.

Also, as mentioned in the post below, I believe these samples are actually SDR and not DV.

tried netflix and that work , switching from sdr,hdr to dv without any problem

why do my tv changes to shows dobly vision becouse the dolby vision symbol shows on the tv same as for marco polo on netflix and other shows there
ok read what you wrote but take a look at my other link i have tried all dv mark sampel there with same result.

and when i play the dv sampel the tv dont change to hdr or dv it just shows it as 2160p nothing more

The native player does support DV, as iTunes currently has the most DV content available at this time.

The list of DV titles for non-streaming sources is very, very limited. See here.

Adding DV to Infuse requires a number of changes in order to support these files, and is something we are looking into.

thanks for your answer , is it something in the near future on your todo list or something in the distant future :)?

A bit of a technical point, but it turns out Dolby Vision has two major flavors, single and dual layer composition. UHD blu-rays, for instance, use dual layer composition. The DV metadata is essentially contained in a separate 1080p video file. I’m honestly not sure if it will be technically feasible to get dual composition DV working on the Apple TV. Interested to see what the Infuse wizards can do!

I’m curious, do you have an official source that describes the single-track DV spec? (honest question)

Since DV is not an open spec, the available documentation is very limited. AFAIK, the only official DV content out there aside from videos available via streaming sources (which are not possible to examine) is UHD Blu-ray, which are all dual video track. Dual track samples we have here, but I’ve not found any single track videos that I’m convinced are real DV.

To be honest, due to the limited availability of DV content (and Infuse’s graceful fallback to HDR10) we haven’t invested much time looking into this, but it is something we hope to dig deeper into soon.

This is the most information I can find, straight from Dolby (PDF warning):

This is a DV test file provided by LG (single layer from I can tell, because mediainfo only shows a single video track):

MrMC recently added beta DV support. That test file does indeed play back in Dolby Vision in MrMC, which means it’s at least technically feasible to get single layer DV files working on the Apple TV. Dual layer files though did not work.

I think we have that PDF here, but you’re right it does outline an option for single track. The sample file is just interesting as it plays back with correct colors in older versions of Infuse (and other apps) that don’t support even HDR10…which would indicate it’s based on an SDR (BT.709) color profile.

Obviously there is more investigation to do here.

The plot thickens! Very strange. Thanks for the insight, hopefully the DV egg will be cracked soon, especially now that we have a popular device that supports DV. The format is definitely still in its infancy.

Actually, I take back my previous statement about never seeing a single track DV sample. We do in fact have a single track sample here with 10,000 nits of max brightness (HDR10 maxes out at 4,000) which indicates it is in fact a true DV video.

This doesn’t play in any existing player…which is a good sign. :wink:

It’s small now, but growing. And there are tools with DeUHD that allow ripping this stuff now. Would really set Infuse a cut above to be able to play that content from an MKV.

Agreed. It’s something we definitely want to tackle. I was just saying that in real world use Infuse (or any player for that matter) will need to support dual track DV videos to be useful, and that is not a trivial addition. :wink:

Cool. Does the Apple SDK actually give basic APIs and tools needed to play Dolby Vision already? Obviously they do for HDR10 since you already now support that. So, the technical challenge is getting the DV metadata out of the dual track and feeding it properly to the Apple playback SDK?

If so, that’s sweet that all the pieces are there. If their API or playback engine lacks the ability feed it DV data though, then that’s a bigger challenge.

It’s not clear yet. DV has been on the back burner as we work through a few other features and improvements, but we hope to dig more into it soon.

i read that mrmc now support playback of single layer Dolby Vision , guess that it should not be to long before i appear in infuse i hope :slight_smile:
But how can i se if a movies is single layer of dubbel?

some other question , would it be possibly to show if a move have HDR in the info text beside where is shows that its a 4k move?

It’s something we have on our radar, but FWIW almost all the DV content consumers have access to is dual layer…which is what we hope to support. :slight_smile:

If you guys gets dual layer DV and Apple gives you the ability to bitstream our DTS:X/Atmos, Apple TV and infuse will become the ultimate personal media combination. Hope this happens.

Me and my clients would be very happy with Dolby Vision support :slight_smile:

I got Transformers (2007) in UHD BluRay Dolby Vision, so if you need any information for future development please let me know.

MakeMKV can not see the DV layer, only HDR10
MKVToolNix can see both