Dolby vision with dolby atmos

can someone guide me or answer me below listed question.
i hve many movies in bdmv folder format having DolbyVision

  1. can atv 4k infuse pro be able to play these rip file (bdmv folder format) in dolby vision with dolby atmos track…

i hve two player oppo udp 203 which play bdmv folder movie in dolby vision without trouble with dolby atmos track
my second device is zidoo zx9 latest i tried same movie in bdmv format is not playing in dolby vision. zidoo z9x only play .mp4 and .mkv format movies play in dolby vision.

i want to know is someone try or play movies in bdmv folder in dolby vision without any issue. thank you

No it won’t. Right now outside of the oppo and it’s clowns there is no player than can play Dolby vision bluray iso. AppleTV does not support dual layer Dolby vision and probably never will… same thing goes with lossless bit streamed Dolby atmos. If these are required it’s best to look for another media box.

It looks like makemkv now supports dolby vision. As does the latest version of exoplayer. So now mkv’s can have dolby vision. Looks like the latest exoplayer was incorporated into plex on the shield so that could be an option.
Discussion about it in this thread:

I wonder if infuse could support MKV’s with dolby vision?

It all comes down to hardware support. If Apple doesn’t allow it then everyone’s hands are tied.

While Infuse’s sleeping, Plex brought Dolby Vision to its app.

@Firecore: close your book of excuses.

Only profile 5/8. Bluray dual layer support won’t work

If you go here there’s an explanation on what plex is doing.

They started implementing it at least.

Well, to be fair, Infuse has supported DV profile 5 since July 2019. :slight_smile:


Will infuse add profile 8 support soon?

HLG is for broadcast tv anywhere. Not just Europe.

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