Dolby Vision titles from Emby & Jellyfin missing DV badge in Infuse

I’m testing Jellyfin as replacement to my Plex setup.
I noticed that DV titles shared from Jellyfin don’t show DV “badge” in video details in Infuse. They just display generic “HDR”. Same titles show DV badge when shared by Plesx.

Media info from Jellyfin seems to identify these as DOVI:

Title: 4K HEVC HDR
Codec: HEVC
Profile: Main 10
Level: 150
Resolution: 3836x2072
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Interlaced: No
Framerate: 23.976025
Bitrate: 14893 kbps
Bit depth: 10 bit
Video range: HDR
Video range type: DOVI
DV title: DV Profile 5
DV version major: 1
DV version minor: 0
DV profile: 5
DV level: 6
DV rpu preset flag: 1
DV el preset flag: 0
DV bl preset flag: 1
DV bl signal compatibility id: 0
Pixel format: yuv420p10le
Ref frames: 1

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The same also happens with Emby.

This is an issue with Emby, which will be fixed in the upcoming Emby Server 4.8 release.

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Having an issue where infuse isn’t recognizing files as DV from an emby server. The same exact files hosted on a Plex server are recognized as DV without issue. As soon as they are hosted with Emby they show as HDR10. The .mp4 files in the emby server are showing as DV but not the .mkv files.

What Dolby Vision profile are they? I’m guessing that they’re profile 7 or Profile 8, as Profile 5 doesn’t have HDR fallback.

If they aren’t Profile 5, then Plex is doing “Fake DV.”
Do a search on the Plex forum.
But basically all Plex is doing is playing the HDR metadata whilst forcing the TV into Dolby Vision mode. Plex offer no option to turn it off.
The bottom line is Emby is playing the files correctly.

With regards to the mp4 files they are probably (but not definitely) Profile 5, so only have Dolby Vision metadata so will play fine in Plex and Emby.

I didn’t think Plex or emby had anything to do with playing the files when using infuse as the player. From what I understand infuse is still playing the DV file fine it’s just a naming issue.

Sorry my misunderstanding.
I wrongly thought you were referring to if you played them within Plex or Emby themselves.
I haven’t used Emby with infuse so can’t really help.

This is an issue with Emby, which will be fixed in the upcoming Emby Server 4.8 release.

Thanks. I did notice infuse is playing it correctly as DV even though it’s showing as HDR.

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