Dolby Vision (Single Layer) is not working right with ATV4K and Sony A1E (Bad Rip)

I am on my MacBook Bro! But might not be doing it right ? Can some one upload some of those files some where and share a download link?

You’ll probably have the same issues since their the same files. You can try a different browser like firefox and tell it to save the link to disk.


I got it working but DV files still play back as HDR

I’ve exactly the same problem, DV single layer movie ripped with DVDFab cannot to be played on Apple TV 4K/Infuse as Dolby Vision, only as HDR movie… :frowning:

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I bought GOT Season 8 and was able to get Dolby Vision on all 6 episodes. I also put lossless LPCM 7.1 audio track. Although it isn’t Atmos … the souncc dc is very good. DV for this season is a must to see the dark highlights for sure on my Sony OLED.

So, the only problem with DVDFab I have is with Gladiator with limited movies. From the “bad rip” errors that I got I think this movie with theatrical and extended is that there are multiple M2ts’s that are shared And the seamless aspects give a bad rip. Mediainfo says it is a DV video track so I just force the Apple TV to DV at 24fps.

So, if your disk is “complex” you might have problems. You can can use the bdinfo utility in DVDFab to understand the structure of your disk.

In the MrMC forum someone made note that dvdfab doesn’t do proper profile 5 compliant DV rips. This might have something to do with why some play and some do not.

Thank you very much for your answers but I don’t think it’s a DVDFab problem. All the movies that I have created in MP4 Dolby Vision format with DVDFab do not play correctly either with Plex or with Infuse on Apple TV, but with the Plex application for WebOs on my LG C8 it plays perfectly in Dolby Vision, so I fear that it may be rather a problem of TvOS and Apple TV.

We’re looking into one similar case of this with a DVDfab created file.

If you have a sample you’d be able to upload, it could be helpful.

Done! :slight_smile:

Hi James, any news about it? I would love to be able to enjoy my Dolby Vision movies with Infuse :slight_smile: