Dolby Vision Profile

Hi james,
With the latest ( 7.3.10), the dolby vision files on my harddrive have stopped being recognised as DV, instead that are HDR. all of these files are profile 8. I understand that you have changed:

  • dvhe.08.03: to HDR (correct!)
  • dvhe.08.06: to HDR (correct!)
    But my question is why is that? My Sony Oled A80J picked up these files as dolby vision and plays these as DV and I can see the difference in brightness and colours.
    Firestick recognises these 08.03 and 08.06 files as DV plays as DV, but the picture looks like as HDR.
    Infuse on Apple TV ( 7.3.9) recognised them as DV but the quality was of HDR.
    Infuse on Apple TV ( 7.3.10) recognised them as HDR and the quality is HDR.
    Plex on native TV app recognised these as DV and Plays as DV with DV brightness and quality.
    Plex on apple tv recognised them as DV plays as DV but brightness and quality is of HDR.

In otherwords, Sony’s internal apps detects them DV and plays as DV but external apps through a streaming device would not be as bright as internal apps (considering all settings etc. are same)

And now infuse has stopped even recognising these files DV. I am scratching my head as to what is going on? I need your advice please.

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