Dolby Vision Profile 8 Broken, Apple TV 4K

Did playing profile 8 Dolby Vision files break on Infuse recently? I use Infuse on my Apple TV 4K 3rd gen with tvOS 16.4.

I used to be able to play the HDR fallback, I know Apple TV doesn’t support profile 8. However, it would play the HDR video (even though it would pop up with the Dolby Vision on my LG CX).

Went to play some profile 8 videos today, it now has all profile 8 videos as DV instead of HDR and they won’t play. The Dolby Vision pop-up occurs and the audio plays, but the screen stays completely black and doesn’t play the video.

I thought it was maybe my newer files, but older videos that would work are also broken. Profile 5 plays just fine, not an issue.

It looks like Infuse is only seeing the DV portion of the profile 8 files and not playing the HDR video at all anymore.

A lot of how Infuse now handles DoVi is controlled by the new settings.

Check out the Extended Dolby Vision settings.

Interesting… I had to turn it off completely, it wouldn’t work with either setting for any of my profile 8 DV files. The screen would just stay black.

Now, it switches to the HDR and plays.

Are the chances of the converting from profile 8 to profile 5 relatively low? Even on the limited setting, the screen would stay black, it wouldn’t play the HDR version of the video.

I’m not well versed in DV but there are a couple of threads that really get into the meat and potatoes of what’s going on with the various DV profiles. You may want to take a read through them to see how things went together.


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hello I have the same problem with the last update 7.5

Would you be able to upload a video you are seeing issues with so that we can review it here?

There it’s done. Thank you

im on apple tv 2022
with previous versions, I had no problems

Same Problem for me with newest Apple TV 4K, the most Dolby Vision Movies are black, only Sound. A few Movies working…

Same problem in ipad

When will this problem be solved?

Hi there !

I do encounter the same issue on some of my DV files as well. Most of them are dvhe.08.06. The thing is, some them are working, but a lot of them do not. Even more frustrating, files that used to work are now all black with sound just like you all described.

Scrolling through the forum, I saw that the latest update did change how Infuse handled DV, but I didn’t get if that is related.

(I’ve already reset the Apple TV but that doesn’t solve this issue)

Note that I have the extended Dolby vision option turned on: auto. Apple tv is on SDR with match framerate/ dynamic range turned on.

Thanks for your work and help !

Edit: these files work fine on my Mac/iphone + I run all these on a LGCX

I think it’s most likely not an Infuse bug, but an Apple bug, and it’s probably a problem with the QMS implementation. Apple TV 4K 2021 has no such problem.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
That’s interesting. Though I think some of my files used to work on the very same apple TV a few weeks/monthes ago.
If you’re right, then I am not expecting a fix anytime soon :frowning:

This is most likely due to the improper decoding of certain DV profiles.

Infuse has added the ability to play certain DV profiles and revert others to HDR

You can adjust the settings to suit your preference under the Settings > Playback > Extended Dolby Vision

Auto is a good starting point but some users prefer to use the others based on the profiles their files are using most.

Thanks for your recommendations. I was able to run some tests: when DV extended set on auto/limited, the screen was black and I only had the sound.
When DV extended was deactivated (completely), then my files (which used to run on DV) are now playing on HDR. Sooo, is there a way to reactivate DV ?

It has probably been answered already but I don’t really get how this DV extended option is supposed to work ! :sweat_smile:

Edit: never mind, just read the settings overview you linked, which actually lead me to a new question: how to make the Auto/limited option work ? It shouldn’t show a black screen and just convert P8 to P5, play in P8 or play in HDR ?
Knowing that most of my files are P8 (dvhe.08.06)

This bug will be resolved in the upcoming 7.5.2 release. :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear :slight_smile: Thanks for you work !

This should be resolved in today’s 7.5.2 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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