Dolby Vision Profile 7 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Yeah I get that.
It’s not the end of the world either way.
Proper release groups release profile 5 both with and without that fallback.

:100: totally agree with this…

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If you are aware of the ins and outs of Dolby vision it should be fairly easy to confirm this.

Just create a dual layer mkv that has the EL from a different movie. If plex is playing DV profile 7 properly then you’ll instantly know as the picture will be way off.

I’d try but there’s not really a point for me at this stage, there’s no support for lossless audio on the Apple TV so profile 7 is irrelevant for me on it right now.

Im looking for info regarding Dolby Vision profile 7 with infuse and came across this thread. I’m afraid to go off topic please excuse me if it’s the case.

I plan to buy a pro shield only to read Dolby Vision profile 7, but on shield the dv7 is read via Plex.
How can I be sure that the shield reads the dual layer dolby vision movie well and that it isn’t Plex which makes believe that it’s DV whereas it’s HDR as mentioned above?

Dual layer iso/remux aren’t supported on these platforms. They aren’t licensed for them/not supported in hardware.

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Plex has actual DV support on the Shield Pro. I suggest you actually post on Plex forums, seeing that this is infuse platform which isn’t supported on Android TV

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I will add that Plex is totally fine with Profile 7 on the Shield.

What is actually happening is those same files on the Apple TV in Plex are being forced to falsely putting the device into Dolby Vision mode.
But you will have no issues on the Shield with Profile 7 or indeed most Dolby Vision files.

I use it myself. But only for the things that Infuse cannot handle.

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There has been ongoing work in libplacebo to support profile 5 & 8.1 Dolby Vision color systems. Would it be possible in the future to have Infuse map profile 7 → 8.1 → 5 to support ATV’s Dolby Vision? Lossless conversion between MEL profile 7 and 8.1 is already confirmed by quietvoid.


AFAIK, there are no tools available that are able to convert dual-layer DV single layer DV, so unfortunately we won’t be able to handle this in Infuse right now.

There are 2 tools that do this right now.

  • MakeMKV: closed source and converts profile 7 dual track, dual layer to profile 7 single track, dual layer.

  • quietvoid/dovi_tools: open source and most commonly used to losslessly (if MEL) convert profile 7 (both dual track and single track) to profile 8.1 which is single track, single layer only.

Then it’s only the matter of mapping profile 8.1’s HDR10-compatible colorspace to Dolby’s proprietary IPTPQc2 used by profile 5 which may be possible taking in the good work done in libplacebo.