Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

This post should have everything you need. Basically grab the script from the link and run your DV Profile 7 files through it.

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Are there actual instructions on how to run the script?

Yes, there is a txt with instructions, it’s very easy to use.


So sorry to be a nuisance. But I finally got home and downloaded the script and I don’t see a text note showing the instructions.

I downloaded the script but don’t see the instructions. Can you explain how to use the script?

Somehow I have a txt with instructions, maybe from an older version… anyway: “Just drag & drop the directory containing your Profile 7 MKV file(s) onto the file named DropDirHere_Profile7to8.bat.“

Yeah definitely something has changed. There’s not even a bat file with that name. Now it looks like DropDirHere_P8_CMv4. And I would like to just test one movie first. I don’t want to do my entire directory. Not all of my movies are DV.

That’s a different script. Get the profile 7 to profile 8 script here.

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