Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Have you by any chance tried doing this on Windows? I have most of my files on that platform

Edit: If anyone could guide me through the process I would appreciate it : )

What would you guys prefer, applying speedy‘s script on a dv7 file after ripping with makemkv and then feeding into handbrake to compress or letting handbrake do the dv7 to dv8 conversion (which it apparently can do)?

I’ve done it both ways now that Handbrake can convert it. I assume handbrake is using the same dovi tools as Speedy’s script. I can’t really tell any difference other than you save a step just letting Handbrake do it if you are going to compress the file.

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It would be beneficial for me since you need quite some free space to convert a full size 4K file with the script. If I can skip that I’ll dot it, but only if it has no negative impact on the outcome. :sweat_smile:

Yes, you need the ATV 4K’22 model running tvOS 17 and Infuse 7.7.2 or greater to use CMv4.0. Otherwise, you need to convert any DV8 files to CMv2.9.

That would have been fake DV. DV mode was triggered on your TV but the dynamic RPU metadata for DV was not applied.

That would have been the same fake DV as above.

I have read a lot of previous posts and maybe I missed the answer I am looking for but here is my question : I use an Apple TV (last generation and last firmware) and most of my Dolby Vision movies only appear with the “HDR” logo in Infuse presentations, and my TV shows “HDR” instead of “DV” when playing them (though it does show “DV” with some other movies in Infuse).
I thought that a recent Infuse update (2 or 3 months ago) added Profile 8 DV support, have IO missed something ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

It is because they added support for profile 8, but there are other profiles like 7.X etc, which will automatically fall back to HDR. It is the reason why I am using coreelec and not ATV anymore. It is a shame, cause ATV GUI is the best. Maybe next generation ATV will support more DV formats.

Ok, thanks a lot for your answer.
And the other frustrating thing with apple TV are the audio codecs limitations…

Yes. It is a shame, cause It is still the most powerfull streaming box out there, but because of the “limitations” from TvOs, many things cant be done. We have our own app for ATV for streaming things and infuse helps a lot, but since ATV is mainly build for native apps like Disney+ or ATV+ (which have profile 5 DV), everything outside this “bubble” is very limited. So maybe I will correct my last answer and wish - Yes, the next gen of ATV may support a range variety of AV profiles, but I highly doubt it.

Infuse planned some improvements for ATV 4K’21 model. The entry is now gone from the pipe. Does it mean they stopped this effort or some improvements were indeed implemented?

These are still planned, but will definitely be a post-8.0 addition.

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Sure James as long as you keep track of them

I still notice that on the 2021 model DV is triggered on movies with CMv4.0. Before this native playback was introduced, it was not. It also looks like the same workaround method used previously is used as when I fast forward the movie the TV is switching again to DV mode). On CMv2.9 movies this doesn’t happen and fast forward/seeking is more smooth.
I am not sure if the RPU is actually being used or not, might do some more testing for it.

update: just tested and the RPU is indeed ignored. I used the files from here:

They trigger DV on my ATV 4k 2021 but there is no response. The same files trigger a response when played directly on my LG B9. Looks like this is a bug that should be addressed for ATV 4k 2021 so that it doesn’t trigger DV incorrectly. Let me know if you need me to report it anywhere else.

The 2021 model features the older handling of Dovi P8, but we plan to work to extend the new handling to these models after the release of 8.0.

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Out of curiosity, what’s different in the way the 2021 and 2022 models handle Dovi P8?

The hardware is different, so the 2021 and 2017 models require adjustments for how P8 is handled.

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I don’t think this statement is accurate. Before introducing the native playback capacity (prior to 7.7.2) and were using the header change method, when you tried to play a CMv4 P8 file on the 2021 model, the TV was going into HDR mode (correct since it did not support the RPU). That is not the case anymore, and on the latest version the TV will go into DV mode, while ignoring the RPU (basically fake DV). That’s why I am saying that this is a bug that needs to be addressed.

Secondly, when playing a supported file (P8 CMv2.9), it appears that the native method is used even on the 2021 model, as seeking through the file is smoother and doesn’t trigger the TV in the DV mode again. Prior to 7.7.2 there was a slight “glitch” while seeking through a file. So you are not using the old method on the supported files.

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