Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

it’s Dolby latest update in the Algo that generate the level 1 metadata.

You can find out about it here:

Here I did a test file that compare the different ways L1 is generated:


Does being on tvOS 16.6 with a 2021 ATV 4K affect my DV compatibility? From what I’ve read, the Profile 8 changes only benefit the newer models.

I recently was watching a Profile 8 cm4.0 mux that I had made but I noticed occasional frame rate drops for a couple seconds (but no audio stutter)

When played on Plex, there seem to be no issues at all, but I believe that’s because Plex is faking DV with HDR10

I’m not sure if this is related to the thermal throttling problems, but I do not recall other issues

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When converting a P7 MEL file to P8 using the scripts posted on this thread, would you expect the file sizes to be the same given this is supposed to be a lossless conversion?

I have one P7 MEL that was 75.66 GB but after converting to P8 it was 72.24 GB. About 2 Mb/s difference. Nothing else different in MediaInfo except the video stream’s bitrate.

Based on this comment I assume this is actually just “padding” and can be disposed of safely. Is that right?

flat bitrate of ~2Mbps or less usually equates to MEL and those with a higher variable bitrate >2Mbps=FEL

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I’ve spent today reading through this thread to finally familiarize myself with the state of DV & HDR on Apple TV with Infuse. I thought I’d post a quick summary for anyone else that doesn’t want to read through the whole thread, and also so people can correct any misconceptions I might have.

For reference, everything I’m about to post is with the latest Apple TV 4K, the latest version of Infuse, and an LG C2 OLED TV.

Any Dolby Vision files that I have that are profile 5 or profile 8 will play back correctly on my TV. (For the purposes of this post, “correctly” is defined as "looking the same as it would if I were playing it back from it’s retail source. So a Netflix DV Webrip is correct if it looks exactly the same when played on Netflix or on Infuse. A Blu-Ray Rip looks correct if it looks exactly the same when played from the disc or from a file being played by Infuse.)

Any HDR10 files I might have should pay fine in Infuse. I DO remember seeing somewhere in the thread some notes that AppleTV has a bug that causes HDR10 to be displayed incorrectly? Is that still a thing, or has that been fixed? HDR10 playback looks fine to me, but I’d still like to know if it’s technically “incorrect.” And if this bug still exists, does it extend to movies that are in HDR10 on iTunes or Amazon, or is it only an Infuse issue?

Dolby Vision Profile 7 files are where things start to get tricky. The first thing you need to do is figure out if it’s a Minimum Enhancement Layer (MEL) or Full Enhancement Layer (FEL) file. There are many ways to do this, including searching in this thread ( List of UHDs that contain Dolby Vision - Blu-ray Forum ) or looking at the media info yourself and checking the bitrate of the enhancement (DV) track. If it’s more than 2000 kbps, it’s probably FEL.

If it’s MEL, then your job is easy. You just need to grab speedy’s script, ( Microsoft OneDrive ), and drop the directory with the .mkv file into the script and let it do it’s thing. I’ve tried it with 3 movies so far and it’s been flawless. Thanks speedy!!

If the movie you have is FEL, then it’s much trickier. You have a few options. The first is to use speedy’s script on it anyway. This will throw out the FEL information, but you’ll still have a playable file at the end of the day. The file will not be “correct.” At best, it’ll be pretty close, and at worst, it’ll be way off. (Side note - is there any Google Doc or Database anywhere that lists which movies have a “substantial” FEL and which movies have a FEL that can be thrown away with minimal impact on the image?)

The second option is to use DoVi tools to bake the FEL into the video stream. I’ll fully admit, I have not yet gone down this path myself so I can’t comment on how easy or difficult it is. And I’m not even sure if this gives you a “correct” file at the end, or if it’s just CLOSER to “correct” than throwing out the FEL altogether. You can google “DoVi Tools” to get links to the tools themselves and YouTube Videos on how to install them.

And I think that’s it! Please tell me if I missed anything or got anything wrong, or if anyone has answers to any of the questions I posed in my comments! I did not mention HDR10+ because I very rarely see those files posted, and usually when I do see them, those files ALSO have DV which means I don’t really bother with the HDR10+.

My next step is going to be trying to figure out how to use DoVi tools to remux some of the P7 FEL files I’ve picked up over the years, wish me luck!


@James any update on when/if DV fixes will come to Mac OS now that work seems complete on ATV and iOS (not saying you want enhance ATV and iOS but they are at least functional without the issues we see on Mac OS)?

Currently DV files are pretty unwatchable on Mac OS with a combination of black flickering and the skipping/repeating of video/audio segments.

Only solution currently is just to disable DV.




Hello! I want to ask, I only have Apple TV, for Blu-ray, I abandon EL, only import BL hdr10 into dovi scripts 3-1, measure by madvr, cm_analyze generate CM4.0 metadata, so that the generated DV P8.1 is accurate, right? Thank you!!


I am after this as well.

I have a spreadsheet with all my 4K movies (in MKV format) and the criteria taken from plex:

Most of mine have a DOVI COMPAT ID of 1, a DOVI LEVEL of 6, and a DOVI PROFILE of 8.

Some however have a DOVI COMPAT ID of 6, a DOVI LEVEL of 6, and a DOVI PROFILE of 7.

I have 1 4K Apple TV (newest rev) a Yamaha RX-A2A and a LG C1 4K TV.

I would purchase a license to infuse in a heartbeat if all of these worked together, but I’m not sure if I can get these files working based on what I read.

Just wondering if Infuse will support DV Profile 7 in the future? Is it in the pipeline? As far as I know Profile 8 is supported by Infuse.

Unless Apple supports it it won´t come to Infuse i guess…

It could come if infuse was able to do realtime conversion to profile 8. Not sure if the Apple TV has the processing power, or if the available tools would even work on the Apple TV, or if Infuse has the license for it

James replied earlier in the thread that Profile 7 to 8 conversion is unlikely because it goes against Dolby’s licensing. Kodi does P7 MEL to P8 in realtime by being open source and (presumably) not caring about what Dolby allows.

Which is still pretty cool.