Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

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Reset said thanksgiving is cmv4, also I believe in my library I have either robinhood or waterworld (not too sure which one, but it had Kevin Costner on it) with cmv4.0 too, but yeah, they’re rare.

maybe the studio took the webrip of their movie and infused DV :wink:

Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer from Arrow were both CMv4.

The beautiful new release of Coppola’s One from the Heart is CMv4 as well.

That’s HDR not DV though right?

One from the Heart? It’s DV.

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If the UHD is CMv4 as some have mentioned after your post i.e. One from the Heart does the script replace it with CMv2.9? If so how can that be avoided?

There’s no point converting to CMv4 when using my HDR10+ to DoVi script. It’s better to just do it with CMv2.9 for the sake of compatibility, since there’s no benefit.

If you want to benefit from CMv4 when converting from HDR10+ then you’d want to use @R3S3T_9999’s DoVi_Scripts 3-1 process (much slower, but much better quality since it’s using Dolby’s professional tools).

I haven’t seen dolby vision (profile) support listed on MAC release for 7.7.2. Will the feature come to MAC as well?

Thank you very much for your patient guidance! Thank you!!

:point_up:This is HDR10+

:point_up:This is p8 converted by DoVi_Scripts 3-1

Is this conversion correct? Thank you!!

Yes it looks as expected.

I’m just curious if anyone tested the newer dolby decoding with Infuse. Is conversion still necessary?

What are you referring to?

infuse will only play profile 5/8, so conversion from 7 is still necessary

Ok, get the author’s confirmation, thanks!!

As a layman, I’m just curious, what does it mean behind the two data pictures, the data of HDR10+ is jagged, and most of the data of the converted DV P8 CMV4 is stable?

Infuse has a history of incorrect rendering. Personally I have flagged posterization of 10bit encoded files (I don’t remember the exact codec), so in this instance I was asking if they did a good job with Dolby Vision. I know there are still limitations.
The only content I have watched is a few episodes of 3 Body Problem and the mastering is all over the place there -but I haven’t cross checked directly with Netflix to confirm if it is only mastering and perhaps not a bug with Infuse. Some scenes do look beautiful though.

Well DV and HDR10plus have their own algo/rules so the metadata will always be slightly different. DV has a 10nits floor for the avg_pq and a 100nits floor for max_pq regardless of the content’s actual brightness.

  • DV/HDR10+ max_pq is calculated pretty much the same but it depends on the L1 tuning you choose.

  • HDR10plus avg_pq on the other hand is calculated quite differently and is the reason why I think it is not accurate to straight convert HDR10+ metadata to DV with (3-2).

-DV cmv4.0 has 3 extra metadata that improves tone mapping quite a lot with Level 3 which acts as an offset to L1. Basically, if you use the ‘‘most details L1 tuning’’, the image you will see on your TV will NEVER clip highlights.


Thanks for added wealth of information.
Just one question please: what is “most details L1 tuning”?