Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

I think the ATV->Computers requires a Mac that is always on where the movies are imported in the TV lib on the Mac, no? I found it handy for testing but don’t know an alternative to keeping a Mac always on (even a mini) to serve the movies.

What setup do you use ?

Go @james go! I think the team will also be busy with the fury of support for direct mode, but it’d be nice if “native” 8.1 support is available in the next few months :crossed_fingers:

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I dont have a nas anymore. I use a headless mac mini m1 with external drives as my nas. And yes, you need to add the files to the tv app library, but is not a big deal, if you ask me. I think the native atv player has an amazing picture quality. If you have eac3 atmos tracks, its also 100% working.

Downside is the handling of a big library. Right now i keep the tv app library small and still use infuse (with plex server) as my main library. I just put the movies/tv shows to the tv app that i am about to watch. Remuxing a mkv to mp4 takes just a few minutes (with a ssd).

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Are you using Limited Dolby Vision mode? Did you try playing the file from the Computer app?

Should be this month tbh… last time it was slated for mid-february if I’m not mistaken.

Ah well, then :drum: I prefer to lower my expectations & be surprised then be disappointed. Though given it’s announced to be a patch release (7.7.1) may imply a shorter timeline.

It has been moved to 7.7.2 so they can handle some fixes from direct mode and a couple minor things, so it won’t be releasing before March. Beta testing could be a week from now or into March so hard to say exactly

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That’s a shame, although understandable given the focus on direct mode.

For me, while direct mode is nice, it doesn’t make much difference to the way I use Infuse (small library, once I watch something, I generally delete it), and “native” (or even just functional) 8.1 support is number one on my wish list of improvements. I’m hoping it’s relatively easy for James and the team to implement.


You, me & many others in this thread most likely are Infuse users served by some NAS & care about DV support & much less about emby,… Though I think I understand the strategic importance of this “direct mode” feature: it positions Infuse as The ultimate front end UI for different backend integration (media servers).

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Then you may very well expect it in May or later… direct mode as it is now is not something that will be fixed in only one patch. And if they start down this route, pushing features into the future to allow for cycle after cycle of patches… you can tell if you’ve been on this forum long enough that a March slot is fantastical.

Extended support for Dolby P8 is in progress, and it is probably the top thing we are working on right now. However, we are working to move back to bi-weekly releases and it’s unlikely P8 support will be complete in time to be included in 7.7.1.

I realize this is highly anticipated by many, and we are working to have this available as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Thank you James. Many of us are waiting for 8.1 update in Infuse. I bought the Apple TV because of this reason as it is one of the few devices to handle TV led correctly.

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Hi James, does P8 support means we’re getting the full CMV4.0? Or is it going to be CMV2.9 but not being converted to P5?

We’re working to support as many flavors as possible. Stay tuned. :slightly_smiling_face:


2 Apple TVs 2 results

Playing a movie in the following set-ups is getting me different results

  1. ATV 4k 2nd Gen w/ OLED Panasonic (DV, HDR, HDR10+, HLG) → triggers DV
  2. ATV 4k 2nd Gen w/ OLED LG C2 (DV, HDR, HLG) → triggers DV
  3. ATV 4k 3rd Gen w/ OLED Panasonic (DV, HDR, HDR10+, HLG) → triggers HDR 10+
  4. ATV 4k 3rd Gen w/ OLED LG C2 (DV, HDR, HLG) → triggers HDR

Settings are same, updates are the same, cables have been swapped, AV receiver taken out and all plugged in the TV directly… any idea why in scenarios 3 and 4 I cannot trigger the DV format?

On top of that I notices testing this that only the 2nd Gen ATV 4k triggers the Atmos via Soundbar label on the LG C2 TV even when it goes through the Onkyo AV Receiver

What I’m seeing here is a bit of inconsistency when it comes to the 3rd Gen ATV 4k… Any hints and/or suggestions?

Adding bellow the file details from media info as well.

Apple TV 4K 2nd gen does not have HDR10+.
Apple TV 4K 3nd gen supports both DV and HDR10+. So it probably needs a setting either on the system level or on the application level to let user choose which one to prefer.

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Tried everything and I’m aware of both device’s capabilities. Behavior keeps the same

Don’t own a 2nd gen 4k, but I used to have some issues with scenario 3, my solution (since I don’t really care about hdr10+) was to just remove the hdr10+ from the file, since infuse seems to prioritize it over DV and there’s no setting to change that and they played just fine in dv, scenario 4 sounds like you have some cmv4.0 data on that file, you could run it through speedys script and should fix it, otherwise, dovi scripts is the way to go.

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If you go back through this thread (not the easiest thing to do), you’ll see this is known behaviour. For some reason, the 2nd Gen Apple TV will trigger DV on files that the 3rd Gen Apple TV simply will not. I think it’s to do with the CM version of the file (CMv2.9 vs CMv4.0). The 2nd Gen doesn’t support CMv4.0 and falls back to CMv2.9, which works to trigger DV, while the Gen 3 falls back to HDR.

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So is this a bug or a feature of the latest ATV?

U mean the files are DV but just doesn’t trigger them correctly?