Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Hey speedy, are there any other known issues with the dv7 to dv8 script? Other than the dual truehd files?
I got a couple of files that don’t have dual truehd, that just won’t work (fixed about 145 of 150 files with the script btw, thank you so much for it) the only thing I can think of is that they have Dolby surround EX but it’s still AC3, so I don’t think so.
One of those problematic files I ran with your script but it played in HDR10+ (forgot it had it) so I used hdr10plus tool to remove it and then just remuxed with mkvtools with just the video for a quick test and it worked, then next day I started over and added the audio again (truehd and ac3) and some subs and now it just plays in regular hdr. Then I started from scratch from the original dv7, removed hdr10+ and ran it through your script but still, hdr. I’m a bit lost now.
Any ideas?

I’d recommend filtering this entire thread for my posts and scrolling through it to see if any limitations were missed. In a few rare cases, I found that files needed to be run through the DDVT REMOVER (I haven’t run into this in a very long time, though, and I think my script may have already taken care of addressing that issue.

It also often makes sense if you have a file that isn’t working to go back to basics and just strip MUX with video only as an MKV. Even strip out the RPU so it’s just a BL.hevc (without DoVi), and then add the RPU back in. I often like to check the RPU, though, at this stage.

If all else fails, you can make your own RPU with the 3-1 process in DoVi_Scripts.

Sweet, thanks for taking the time to reply, I’ll try your suggestions, hopefully these stubborn files will be fixed. Thanks!

Also James is going to be working on DV for 7.7.1. If you aren’t on TestFlight you might consider joining. There is a chance that some of the extra effort to make files work might not be needed.

Yeah, I was wondering if maybe once the DVP8 supoort came out these issues might be solved as more of a player problem rather than the files.
So I can ask to join now and test 7.7.1? Or is it still testing 7.7?

Still testing 7.7 so you may want to wait till after that’s released. :wink:

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Might not hurt to start the process now, though. You won’t get added to TestFlight until next Friday since they only add new members once a week. Also you can be in TestFlight but not install the app until 7.7.1 is released.

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Always so helpful! Thank you, @speedy !

@speedy and others, curious which is likely to produce a better playback quality:

  1. a future Infuse version that plays back DV profile 8 fine - or even profile 7 while discarding the FEL if present and converting on the fly to P8

  2. the am6b plus with the recent coreelec release that now plays DV P7 with FEL properly, but is limited to player-led DV by the SOC

In most cases, Infuse since the Apple TV is CMv4 and TV-led capable.

The AM6B+ is limited to CMv2.9 and Player-led Dolby Vision. Some movies with expanded brightness will benefit from the FEL on a capable display, but even a lot of those movies would be better served by generating new metadata, and playing back in TV-led Dolby Vision from an Apple TV.

I’m also pretty confident that we’ll uncover more bugs with the AM6B+ in the months to come that will make it seem less attractive. I’m betting it has all the issues I brought up over on the CoreELEC forum.


Oh my gosh, this sounds like a fun rabbit hole. How might one learn to do this? Thanks!

This is the easiest and best way, but it only works for movies with a static aspect ratio throughout (99.9% of movies):

This way is more complicated but can also accommodate movies with variable aspect ratios (think IMAX enhanced films):

The first method is the best because it will use the OSC (original scene cuts) from the original Profile 5, Profile 7, or HDR10+ metadata when generating. There are a lot of considerations to getting this process right, so you’ll likely want to start hanging out on this thread if you want to learn more:

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and now… Dolby Vision Profile 8 full support, including CMv40 please. :slight_smile:


It seems that it is planned for 7.7.1, check the upcoming features thread :crossed_fingers:

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Just to make it easy for others to find this:

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I found another cause of files not playing in Dolby Vision tonight…

You can’t have too long of a delay on an audio track. I don’t know what the amount is, but I’d always recommend keeping it under 1 frame. The file I was working with tonight had ~20-seconds of audio delay. I processed the file with delaycut.exe though by padding it with the exact amount of delay and the file immediately started playing in Dolby Vision again after previously only playing in HDR10.

Be careful with EAC3 files, though, since they can only be cut on at 32ms intervals. I recommend processing them with the exact amount of delay necessary, and then notate the amount delaycut.exe says it can’t fix. Then add the words DELAY ##ms into your filename, which will then tell MKVToolNix to set that delay while muxing (it’ll respect negative values by adding 32ms of delay and then subtracting from 32ms).


I have like 5 troublesome files left, so far, keeping just the main track (DTS-HD MA or TrueHD) and the compatibility track (AC3) has been the safest bet, as mentioned on a previous post, but, one movie I had a lot of issues with, tried everything I could, but in the end it was fixed by deleting infuse (data and everything) from the Apple TV and reinstalling, then it played no problem, DV and Audio, no HDR fallback, don’t think it was audio related, since it only had DTS-HD MA and AC3 and no audio delays shown on mediainfo, but the fact that a clean install of infuse made it play, just confused me even more.

I just updated my Apple TV4k to the latest model (gen3 ?). I have some films that appear to have been encoded with both DV and HDR10+. My TV doesn’t play HDR10+ but these titles seem to only play back in HDR rather than DV… Playing them via Plex they play in DV. I’ve also plugged my old (gen 2 ATV4K into the system again and Infuse plays these files back in DV. Does anyone know why I can’t get the new player to switch to DV?

I just hope they release the next Infuse update asap and with a good, working implementation of this feature. Direct mode really didn’t do anything for me, the tvOS version handling DV natively is out for quite some time, so all we need is a bit of determination from James and the team to get this out.


I use the Computers App on Apple TV (remux mkv to mp4 with subler) and it play dv 8.1 just fine. Downside is that you loose foe exampe dts audio, but as a sonos arc owner i cant hear a difference between dolby digital and dts sound.