Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

well now I’m second-guessing and wondering if it is the difference between the DV and HDR settings on my TV. Been playing with them and no longer sure. Maybe ignore me!

Thanks a lot @nekno
Used your app on a DV file (supposedly DV 08.06) that only triggered HDR in Infuse and the result plays as expected in DV with Infuse on my Apple TV.

Since it also works for some DV8 files, maybe it would be nice to rename it to something that shows that, such as “DV7/8 to DV8 fixer” for lack of something better.

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This AppleScript is really great. Awesome work.

Would anyone have an idea of how to maybe run it directly on a Synology NAS, where my backups are located? Running it locally via a share is adding significant processing time, I think.

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You’d need a docker container setup that contains an install of all the apps/programs required to do the conversion. The script would also be modified for Linux.

Sorry if this has been discussed and answered multiple times already:

  • LG G2 OLED
  • ATV 4K (Gen 3), tvOS 17 beta 6
  • Infuse 7.6 (4512) beta 2

If a mkv file with
Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.08.06, BL+RPU, HDR10 compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible
is only playing the HDR fallback instead of DV, then it’s because Infuse hasn’t been updated to work with profile 8 correctly?

Is there something I can do with that file to force playing the DV version?

Your options are…and I’m assuming here that you Dolby Vision setting in Infuse set to limited.

  1. Turn it to Auto…This will probably force the TV into Dolby Vision mode but will be fake DV.
  2. Try another file. I still get HDR fallback on some of my files with no apparent differences between other files that work.
  3. Wait for tvOS 17 to come out of beta when hopefully the native Apple Profile 8 is implemented in Infuse.
  4. There’s a couple of scripts here on the forums that may make your file work.
    One is by @speedy.
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@bigbadrabbit there are other criteria like Dolby Vision Versions - CMv2.9 vs. CMv4.0. CM4 is not supported at the moment. But I asked a similar question and no one seems to know all the other reasons. I used the DV7 to DV8 script posted here and it only appears to work on some files.


Thanks for the help. Unfortunately none of the tips helped.

Set Infuse to AUTO and used the “DV7 to DV8” tool on that file but it’s still playing the HDR fallback. Guess I’ll have to wait then.

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With the tvOS17 release today is there a corresponding Infuse update on the horizon? Hopefully some of these DV issues are resolved.

You can see what’s on the near release agenda here.

Hi guys,

just a technical questions. Since tvOS was only able to play Dolby Vision 5, Infuse integrated a feature that would convert Dolby Vision 8 to 5 on-the-fly.
However tvOS 17 now supports Dolby Vision 8, will such files still get converted with infuse?

I’m guessing that will be part of what they look at with the upcoming release that deals with tvOS 17 and how it handles things. You can keep an eye on the Infuse releases here and note for now that 7.6.2 addresses tvOS 17.

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