Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

I’ve always used the dovitool tool (now I’m using 0.51) saving the rpu file, removing the metadata (hdr+ and DV) from the original and with the file without DV I inject the previously saved rpu file, so they all go to infuse 7.5 .

Previously I had problems with version 0.52. it didn’t create the mkv file for me.

Late to the party :tada: On my 1st test I ended up with a P8.1 from my UHD MEL (sample) that shows as DoVi with Infuse 7.5/Auto, ATK4K 2022, LG 2017 E7.

I can’t compare (nor do I have tools) to my Oppo UDP-203 streaming or playing the same disc but the convenience of Infuse and this recent P8 support is :+1:

ffmpeg -i bluray:/MOVIE
-map 0:0 -ss 01:06:00 -to 01:06:20 -c copy vBL.hevc
-map 0:1 -ss 01:06:00 -to 01:06:20 -c copy vEL.hevc

dovi_tool -m 2 mux --bl vBL.hevc --el vEL.hevc --discard -o vBL+RPU.hevc

MP4Box -add vBL+RPU.hevc:hdr=none:dv-profile=8.1:xps_inband -no-iod -enable 1 vP8-010600.mp4

Looking for some help… I am on the latest - Infuse 7.5 - and not seeing DV enable on the TV. I only see HDR.

Apple TV 4K - older model (2017)

Here’s the MediaInfo - I see it says DV, but I’m not sure which number is the profile:
HDR format : Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.07.06, BL+EL+RPU, Blu-ray compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible

That’s profile 7

Hi James can’t you just have 2 options “Auto” or “Off” because having 3 options is confusing.

Why would “Limited” be more accurate as you described in settings?

So your saying in “Auto” P8 files which can’t be played as P5 will still play as DV files. But I can choose “Limited” to make it play as HDR as this is supposedly more accurate? I’m really confused.

Please only have 2 options “Auto” or “Off” as it doesn’t make sense and I don’t know what to choose between “Auto” or “Limited”

An absolutely awful idea. It needs setting once for your own preference and then you can forget about it.

If you want only true Dolby Vision set it to limited.
For files that cannot truly play back as Dolby Vision it will play as HDR.

If you want to see that Dolby Vision logo on your tv even if it’s actually playing fake Dolby Vision then set it to auto.

I do get your confusion however. For me Auto in most circumstances implies a logical/best/optimal setting.
In this particular case it’s the setting that nobody should be using. Why anyone would want fake Dolby Vision I have no idea.

Bottom line though, as I said, set it once and forget about it.


Thinking about this more a less confusing naming scheme would be “Auto”, “Forced” and “Off.”

“Auto” being the file playing in the format that’s supported.

“Forced” implies exactly that. The device is being forced into DV mode regardless of it not being able to play back the DV metadata.


The problem is that there are some DV8 files that cannot be predetermined and that is why these three options exist instead of two. Files that play in auto and not in limited can be “real” DV and not “fake”. But with auto you could also be enabling “fake”

Not forgetting all profile 7

These settings only apply to profile 8

Or course but the point I was making was that in “Auto” all profile 7 will do fake DV as well as unsupported profile 8.
And therefore another reason why there are three settings. :grin:


Or actually I was sure one of my Profile 7 played as fake DV whilst testing a few weeks ago in “auto” but I’m probably wrong.


Confirmed that I got it totally wrong regarding profile 7

What about files (as in my above workflow UHD MEL P7 to P8) ? It triggers DoVI in both Auto/Limited where I assume Infuse is “processing” it on the fly to a P5, call it fake or hybrid or whatever… (as P8 transfer function is PQ vs P5’s IPT)

This needs a makeover, especially regarding “other P8”… From Infuse playback settings:

  • Extended Dolby Vision (Applies to DoVi Profile 8 only)
    • Auto (prefer compatibility) - Convert P8 to P5 (when possible), and attempt to play other P8 as P8 via the system player (output will usually switch to DoVi)
      Q1: Why the mention of “system player” here but not in Limited ? what’s system player: ATV player vs Infuse Player ?
    • Limited (prefer accuracy) - Convert P8 to P5 (when possible), and play other P8 as HDR (output will switch to either DoVi or HDR depending on the video)
      Q2: What does it mean: other P8 play as HDR but the output will switch to either DoVi or HDR depending on video ? If a video plays as HDR, should it not be detected and play as HDR ?
    • Off - Ignore all DoVi details and play P8 as HDR (output will always switch to HDR)

Since Dolby Vision Profile 8 is supported now, is it possible to add auto-convert Profile 7 to Profile 8 by ignoring EL and just applying RPU? Kodi has a build that can do it on the fly so no need to pre-process video files from P7 FEL/MEL to P8.

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It’s actually more nuanced than that. There are files which cannot be played as P5, but can be played as P8. Some of these will play as DoVi, and some will not. Apple provides no documentation for their black box, so it’s hard for us to tell how some of these files will be handled.

Auto will give you more real DoVi, but may also show some fake DoVi.

Limited will prevent any fake DoVi, but you may be missing out on some real DoVi.

We may look into it, but it would probably push us into an area where license questions come into play (and it’s unlikely Dolby has a license option for this kind of workflow).


Is there any ETA for a guide to recognize a file that cannot be converted to P5, but might be played successfully as P8?

You can test this with your own files if you like.

If a file is playing as DoVi with the Auto setting, but plays as HDR with the Limited setting - then this file is being played as P8.

I was more referring to recognition before actual playback. Often, files will have MediaInfo data available about them before they are downloaded, and whether or not they will play as intended is a pretty big factor to consider when building a library.

Probably not. There are other factors that MediaInfo does not show, and 2 files could have identical specs but one may play as P5 and another as P8 (or HDR).

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Interesting…and thanks.
I will always prefer to miss out on DV a couple of files if it means I never get fake DV personally.

“Limited for the win”:grinning:

What about what I asked above: If a file (P8 generated per my workflow) plays as DoVi in both Auto/Limited, is it being processed on the fly to P5 in both modes ?