Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Yes for profile 5 no problem, we get real DV.

My questions were mainly for the other DV profiles (7, 8) which are transmitted in HDR10. Does the metadata replaced by standard values as for others HDR10 videos ?

Unfortunately yes.

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Hi all,

I have some DV profile 8 files which are HDR10 compatible. To my surprise both QuickTime (although you can never verify since it won’t tell you, thanks Apple) and Infuse will fall back to HDR10 and not do DV.

Is there any way for me to convert the file or are there any updates coming that might change things? Thanks!

Current status of Dolby vision support.

I’m not familiar with ways to convert so can’t help you there, but pretty sure we’ve exhausted the current compatibility with Apple TV. So I wouldn’t expect anything new coming unless apple changes something.

MEL DV with HDR10 compatible base layer (profile 8.1) can be played on AppleTV if the header is modded as that’s how ATV does their DV screensavers. You can find the tools to do so with the Google sheets I linked further up the thread.

Does that actually make sure my Mac will trigger DV or does it just fake it into thinking it? And is there any way to verify?

It’s real DV. Otherwise Apple wouldn’t do it themselves.

Could you link me the tool?

The most interesting part of this post is the solution offered above

“With this new information, would it be possible to allow Infuse to play at least the Apple TV screensaver and hopefully “fake” retagged Profile 8.1 → 5 videos? The most desirable outcome would be Infuse retagging Profile 8.1 videos to Profile 5 on the fly to allow playback without any prior user action required.”

@james Could you please reply to let us know if Infuse could do this or if its something you are looking into?

It appears that profile 8.1 with hdr fallback is rapidly becoming standard for 4k encoders as it doesn’t make sense to store two separate files.

Since the concept of Infuse is that it plays anything you throw at it, it would be horrible if we cant use Infuse to play the Dolby stream.

I get that there is some hacking going on here but lets all remember that Firecore started as software to play media on jailbroken Apple TVs.

I doubt very much that Apple would care about this very minor mux hack but if you think that they would then how about releasing a version of Infuse outside the App store?

I really want to stick with Infuse and I shouldn’t have to choose between Dolby Vision and Infuse or to have to only use Profile 5 vids when they become close to impossible to find.

One other question. If a Bluray 4k ISO image is played that has Dolby Vision and HDR10 in the BluRay ISO is that profile 5 or 8.1?


Neither that’s dual layer profile 7.

I agree. It would be extremely nice not to have to manually retag all my P8.1 files so that I could keep the originals around without doubling the storage needed. Since all that’s needed for Infuse to play these files is a header modification, I don’t see why this couldn’t be accomplished, barring any restriction imposed by Apple.

If Apple does indeed place restrictions on DV profiles that can be played, maybe Infuse’s Dolby Vision support could be reworded to something like “BL+RPU Dolby Vision supported, BL+EL+RPU not supported” as a way to not mention specific profiles that may or may not be supported.

hmm, my original post is about converting Dual Layer FEL DV to Apple compatible BL+RPU (profile 7 → profile 8.1)

Any software can do this if the developers want to implement it, but according to NC_Bullseye

They thought profile 5 with HDR10 BL is not standard and against Dolby’s rule

It’s from user @RESET_9999 at MakeMKV forum under his signature Dolby Vision Stuff at the bottom select Dolby-Vision-Scripts - Google Drive, there’s also thorough guide on how to use it in the link.
Dolby Vision now possible through MP4 Mux. - Page 455 -


It definitely is, but if Apple will play it…

Via this loophole, it’s possible to manually convert both P7 to P8 and P8 to P5 losslessly so that Infuse and the built in Apple player can play real Dolby Vision on virtually every DV release.

Edit: FEL Profile 7 to Profile 8 conversion is not lossless. MEL P7 to P8 conversion is lossless.

This post has the techniques well summed up with proof where necessary:


Not to sound like an idiot but is there a more detailed breakdown on how exactly to do this (a guide for dummies so to speak)? Maybe one that includes steps needed in MakeMKV and how to identify which DV format a disc has.

All DV blu-rays use profile 7. MakeMKV will say on the video track whether it’s FEL or MEL. MEL has no info in the enhancement layer so it can be losslessly converted to profile 8.1. For FEL, inside is the difference between the 10-bit base layer and a 12-bit version. Most would say 12-bit TV panels don’t exist so that’s pointless but sometimes BLs have errors that the FEL corrects.

Also, MakeMKV automatically converts the dual-track, dual-layer profile 7 into single-track, dual-layer when making MKV for max compat. You would still need to convert this into profile 8.1, then fake profile 5 for display on Apple devices.

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With the latest update 7.4.10, the files with Dolby Vision Profile 8 (w/ HDR10 base layer), makes the tv launch DV instead of HDR10, is this correct, or is it a bug?


It is a bug, ATV will only handle the RPU if the file is Profile 5 or fake Profile 5 even if it is 8.4.

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We have a beta available with (experimental) on-the-fly DoVi P8 —> P5 conversion available in TestFlight.

Drop me a PM if you’d like to give it a try.


Nice James, before I PM to try can you confirm if this is all levels of Profile 8 including files with HDR fallback?