Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

I moved your post to the currently running thread on this and here’s a post from James that may help explain the reasons behind the change. Also he offers a possible solution to for some users.

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Thank You, the other posts did not address tone mapping. OLEDs will not reproduce 1000 nits and all will tone map, in which case the viewer is at the mercy of the algorithms developed by the engineers at the TV manufacturers. In the past I was partial to Sony (I have the A9) since in very serious level playing field direct comparison shoot outs I would attend at CEDIA, the Sony’s Tone Mapping and other processing really did whoop the earlier LG and Samsung TVs. But in all frankness LG has seriously upped their game in the last few years and if I were given a chance to choose which OLED to choose this year, it would be a toss up. Now onto the DV issue on Infuse/AppleTV, yes the new update IS playing DV files that did not render correctly before at all. As for the loss of the DV flag on some other videos I have not noticed it yet, probably fell back to HDR or HDR+ but the picture performance appears unchanged if so. So I agree that the most likely reason is the earlier iteration was identifying DV flag incorrectly while actually rendering HDR/HDR10.

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I haven’t tried those kind of movies for a while but is it normal that “Dolby Vision UHD RIPS (untouched)” are only played as HDR movies while they perfectly play as DV movies on my UHD standalone player ??

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Yes, Apple TV doesn’t support UHD Dolby vision.

oh god … how could I miss that point ? ATV4K is LLDV, not DV … and as UHD movies are DV, quite logical that I only get HDR out of my UHD Rips !!

Thanks for the reminder @munpip214 :=)

Huh? Player-led (LLDV) is very much DV (and I believe the Apple TV will do TV-led DV anyway if the TV supports it). It’s the profile that is the issue here and DV movies on disc are profile 7 which is basically only supported by BR players. That is why Infuse/Apple TV h/w only plays back the base (fallback) layer.

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I made an account so I can say thank you for this breakdown, and thank you for having the goal of showing the most correct information. I’d much rather be told what I’m actually playing, rather than be told it’s DoVi when it isn’t. Hopefully in the future we can get more support for DoVi profiles from Apple, or even better, Dolby consolidates their absolutely insane system.

It’s too bad it’s not possible to convert from the higher profiles down to 5. It has made me realise that actually most DoVi files available are not, and cannot be compatible with Apple TV.