Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

This is the type of files I have the problem with …2160p.DSNP.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.Atmos.DV.MKV.x265…

@Sylvain33 Does your TV have Dolby Vision support?
“those type of files” you are mentioning are probably Dolby Vision profile 5 files and is for all practical purposes only playable on TVs supporting Dolby Vision…
(because with Dolby Vision profile 5 there is no HDR10 fallback )

Obviously you must also configure your Apple TV to allow/attempt Dolby Vision output…

Thanks for the answer.
I’ll look in the TV settings and you may be right.
the files I’m watching are the latest season of the mandalorian (and none of them work)
I was also wondering why I don’t have access to the dolby vision menu in the settings of firecore 7.5 ?

What make is your TV?
If it’s Samsung it definitely doesn’t support Dolby Vision.

it’s a 7 years old panasonic… I’ll look into it


I created a script that can convert a Profile 7 MakeMKV backup to Profile 8.1 to help anyone looking for 1-step drag & drop method.

  1. You can download from here:
  2. Extract the ZIP file somewhere convenient.
  3. Just drag & drop the directory containing your Profile 7 MKV file(s) onto the file named DropDirHere_Profile7to8.bat
  4. Wait for it to finish.

To make things easier, you can right-click on the DropDirHere_Profile7to8.bat file and select Show more options > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). Then you’ll have an easy-to-use Shortcut on your desktop that you can drag the folder containing the Profile 7 MKV file(s) to.

P.S. This takes care of converting from Profile 7 to Profile 8.1 as well as converting from CMv4 to CMv2.9 if necessary.

CREDIT: Just want to call out that this script is only possible because of dovi_tool and help I received from @quietvoid. The script is also using MKVToolNix. The tools are bundled with the zip in the tools folder; updating to newer versions of these tools is as easy as replacing the respective exe files.


Does this require a single file per directory or can I just provide the file? For instance I have all of my 4K rips in a single directory. What should I do?

Also another question, what happens if I provide a file that has no DV, is it smart enough to end the process or does it spit something out anyways?

Thanks for providing this. Let me try it when I am free tonight.

You can place multiple files in a single directory, and it’ll process all the files one-by-one. It won’t recurse through directories though. It also won’t delete the source Profile 7 MKV (intentionally so you can compare and manually delete).

I recommend very large and very fast storage if you want to process many files at once. I personally have been doing about 10x UHD Blu-rays at once on a 2TB NVMe. I backup the UHD BDs (from my NAS to the NVMe with MakeMKV, then use the script on them, and then copy them back to my NAS.

If a file has no DV then it’ll just waste time by extracting the HDR10 Base Layer and then deleting it after there’s no DoVi in the file (that’ll take many additional minutes per file depending on your storage speed).

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Hey :wave: and thanks a lot for your effort!

Quick question: Can I use this script on MacOS (M1)? I figure most people here should be in the Apple realms, hence OS X, but then again some tools are very much Windows only so I figure I‘d ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know!

I only wrote the script for Windows currently.


thanks for this , makes it much easier :slight_smile:

i dont get the " show More options" when i right click on the .bat file to create a shortcut , anything i need to do differently , running win 10

edit- figure it out , send to

You can just skip the Show more options part if you’re on Windows 10 and instead skip right to clicking on Send to.

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Hi Speedy. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve tested it on one file and all seems well! Great work!

One suggestion I would make that could speed the process up for some would be the option to have the extraction files go to the installation directory and then the final .MKV get muxed to the original folder. On my set-up, my C: drive (where your tool is installed) is a 1TB NVMe, but my movies are stored on my D: drive, which is a standard SATA hard drive. In my experience, reading and writing to the same drive is much slower than reading from one and writing to another.

Thanks again for sharing your tool!

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In what language you did the script? I can rewrite it to macOS I think

Sebastian Szwarc

I wrote the script in PowerShell, but I’ve already started working on re-writing in bash for macOS, but just haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I haven’t thought enough yet about how I could make it in macOS so that you could simply just drag/drop a dir onto the script and have it start processing. The windows EXE’s would obviously also have to be replaced with macOS equivalents.

I have tried the script twice now with the movie “Back to the Furure”, which is 67.7 GB. But both times I got an output file of 7 Kb.

Is lack of disk space the problem? I had 110 GB free when I started the script. How much does one need for a 67.7 GB movie? Or could it be anything else?

It is simple. In MacOS such thing is called droplet. You can create droplet using Automator or AppleScript that has to execute bash script on input file

Sebastian Szwarc

You need more than 3x the amount of space available for this to work for a single file.
The script deletes temp files as it processes so it only needs 2x available space for all subsequent files.

The script could easily be modified to delete the original/source MKV if you wanted to process a large amount of files and not have the 2x available space overhead requirement… with that said, I’d want to do that as an if statement so you don’t accidentally delete the source if the Profile 8.1 version wasn’t successfully created… Maybe I’ll take a crack at modifying it to do this at some point, but I’d imagine most people are only processing a small amount of Profile 7 files at a time typically.

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OK, thanks. I’ll try with another disk then.

And it’s a gift to have a tool to make this process easier and safer, so thank you very much for your help.

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