Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

@james Seems great so far.
Really glad to see the DV tag!
Could you possibly share some high-level details on what you’re doing behind the scenes to handle CM v4.0 metadata?

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Yep the DV tag in Plex is awesome.

As a side note… I don’t know all the technical terms for Dolby Vision. Certainly not to the the extent of having a clue what CM 4.0 is.

I have grabbed a lot of DV profile 8 encodes and they all play fine on the ATV 4K . However yesterday I grabbed one that was just green. (Again profile 8)
I put them down to just being badly encoded as they weren’t from my reliable/usual release groups.

Now I’m wondering if I should have held onto those files as there seems to be more compatibility with profile 8 in each Infuse release. I also wonder if investigating mediainfo would have shown up any differences to all the files that work and the two that don’t?

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Well… that’s sort of our secret sauce. :wink:

It really comes down to precise detection of the details of each particular file, deciding which metadata tags to adjust (if any), and then which system API to use for playback. For CM 4.0 files there are actually fewer metadata changes needed, which is sort of interesting.

As before, all the changes here are being done with metadata only, and there is no conversion or changes to the actual files taking place.

If you scroll up a ways, there were samples posted that contained CM 2.9 and CM 4.0 metadata. Previously the CM 4.0 samples were not displaying correctly. This fixes that.

Were you playing this in one of the 7.5 betas or the App Store version? Would love to have a look at one of these files if you see the issue in this latest beta version.

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Yeah sorry James it wasn’t meant as a complaint at all.
I’m just not as technical as some of the guys in this thread. When I said I have no idea what CM 4.0 is I actually should have said I have no idea what CM … anything is, or it’s significance. Probably because I’m not ripping my own media?

I’m pretty sure I know what one of those files were and they should be in my Google Drive trash. I can happily share tomorrow if the issue is still there.


When is the secret sauce making its way to the public release version for us plebs not on beta?

7.5 is currently slated for February (but of course this is subject to change). There are 1-2 remaining issues we need to sort out, and we want to get as much testing in as possible before flipping the switch.

There are also a handful of other features we’re still working to add, so the best place to follow the current status would be this thread.

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It is a sympathetic trait to show humility when it comes to one’s own skills. I recognize myself in what you write.

I am interested in learning the technical side to the extent that it is useful for me. At the same time, if I find a simple tool with a simple user interface, it doesn’t matter that I don’t understand everything that goes on in the background.

It is a challenge that when you search for information about such an advanced technical area as this, the discussions you find are characterized by very competent people, and these naturally have their own jargon. This jargon can quickly become, without those who use it intending to, something exclusionary for those who have not acquired the basics yet.

Because of the above, I appreciate immensely when technically competent people take the time to explain things on a more basic level, as for example happens on this forum.

I also think that Firecore itself balances a technical and “popular” jargon in an excellent way.


Just an update James.

Football (soccer) has finished. One of those two files I mentioned now plays perfectly (not green) in the latest beta. Rolling back to last weeks TestFlight release it’s green again.

This is so awesome. I will try to track down the other movie I had issues with and test that also.

Please let me know if it’s still worthwhile sharing the file that didn’t work last week but now does.

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I absolutely agree.
This is by far the most friendly forum I have ever been on… and I have been doing this stuff for over 20 years.
I’m technically capable mostly, but Dolby Vision and some of its more technical terms has taken me way out of my comfort zone.


I thought that was the goal for all P8 videos? Are some now being converted while others are just having the header manipulated?

That’s great! If it’s working in this week’s beta, then we likely already have a similar sample so should be all good. :slight_smile:

There are some P8 videos which can be played without having to change the headers to P5. The requirements for this are very specific, but if you have the Dolby Vison option in Infuse set to ‘Auto’ and your TV switches to DoVi then you are getting actual DoVi.

There are a some P8 videos which won’t be supported using any of the methods we have (either because they are not supported on the hardware, or there is a problem with how the file was created) so for these with the setting on Auto you will get HDR output.


You mean videos that are not 8.1 (like 8.4) or does this also apply to 8.1? Sorry, I should have specified I was originally asking about 8.1 (HDR10 fallback).

It would mostly be for videos shot on iPhone, but there are a few other specific cases covered here as well. The proper pipeline for each video will be determined by Infuse, so there are no settings to adjust (unless you prefer to always force DoVi or HDR output).

Are you losing anything by converting 8.1 to 8.4? Dolby vision tools allows you to convert 7 to 8.1 or 8.4.

Yes, 8.1 is DV with HDR10. 8.4 is with HLG instead. So most likely you want to do 8.1 so you have HDR fallback.

(I personally don’t know what each tool is doing during the conversion process. They may be different apart from the fallback)

Read more details here:

Reading between the lines here it sounds like 8.1 is only going to fall back to HDR while 8.4 which I believe is what iphone uses will play in dolby vision. I don’t need to worry about fallback because all of my tvs have dolby vision. In the case of 8.4 falling back all my tvs have HLG also.

If you decide to play on some other device in the future, like a computer or phone or tablet, it might affect your choice

We are using only iphones with 12 being the oldest. So that shouldn’t be a problem. I only use my pc to play games and encode for the most part.

James, I sent you two video clips a few days ago which were DoVi P8.1 but played as HDR only in the previous Infuse beta with the DoVi settings set to Auto. Unfortunately, I have deleted these files, but maybe it would be of interest to you to check whether these now plays correctly as DoVi in the latest beta? Alternatively, I can check it myself, but then I have to go through the workflow to create the files again first.

CMv2.9 vs CMv4.0: [link]