Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files)

Can you give more details on this?

Just got a new CCgTV (in addition to my AT4k+Infuse) because it seemed to be the only streaming player to play proper FEL. I’m testing but on Plex most titles play as HDR10. I think happens if the video has an HDR10 base layer.

You can check by turning off the “force Dolby Vision” in the CCgTV settings to off. Else everything will “seem” to play back as Dolby Vision even if it’s not actually.

A way test for FEL playback which seemed to use to work is to playback these files as described here.: Dune Pro Vision 4K, Dolby Vision FEL and RPU response (& other random stuff...) | AVS Forum

For me, on my CCgTV, the mkv test file won’t even play back :frowning:

I think FEL/DV as of recent on CCgTV is broken. I see other threads on reddit about this as well.

Works perfectly for me now, 8.1 falls back to HDR with no other regressions (5 and 8.4 still trigger DV).


good news…waiting for the new version in the public domain

Same for me — DV 8.1 files are now falling back to HDR10 with the 7.3.10 beta.


Just to be sure, Apple tv + Infuse cannot read profile 8.1 or 8.4 properly?

Today’s 7.3.10 update includes better handing of Profile 8 Dolby Vision.

In essence, Apple devices will support Profile 8 videos with an HLG base layer, and Infuse will play these in DV. Other flavors of Profile 8 will now (correctly) fallback to HDR.

Current DoVi profile support on Apple devices looks like this.

  • Profile 5 = Dolby Vision
  • Profile 7 = HDR
  • Profile 8 (w/ HLG base layer) = Dolby Vision
  • Profile 8 (w/ HDR10 base layer) = HDR

Today update 7.3.10 had broken all the Dolby Vision detection.

Now none of my Dolby Vision (with HDR10 compatibility) video is playback as Dolby Vision.
All those video had no issue detect as Dolby Vision in Plex and also no issue in Infuse version before this.

Your so call improving of Profile 7 and 8 of Dolby Vision is basically broken it all.

Now only Profile 5 is working.

Please bring back your previous version implementation of Dolby Vision.

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Your files don’t have an HLG base layer.

Up until 7.3.10 you witnessed ‘fake dolby vision’ playback for P8.1 files.

It now works as it is supposed to.

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It is more like plex had no issue forcing Dolby vision on without actually looking at the files.

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Cool & thank you :+1: I can confirm with an iPhone 13 video that it triggers DV on my LG E7 (ATV 4K 2021/Infuse Pro 7.3.10), mediainfo:

Format profile                           : Main 10@L5.1@High
Dolby Vision                             : 1.0, dvhe.08.0A, BL+RPU
Color primaries                          : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics                 : HLG

ditto for a DoVi P5 (BL+RPU) made using yusesope’s tools:

Format profile                           : Main 10@L5.1@High
Dolby Vision                             : 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU
Color primaries                          : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics                 : PQ

Because infuse though they should fall back to HDR10 as they though those is fake Dolby Vision as paper not mentioned those should be support. Required HLG layer? Haha! Which source actually have HLG. Faint…

If want HDR10, just set the device as HDR10 instead of DV.

I doubt the developer had DV TV and never check with his own eyes the differences.

Doing this in latest version better just take out DV support because latest version is totally break it instead of better support.

Very wrong decision. Infuse keep weaker and weaker and not user friendly. For example no A B C scroll bar. This is very simple and basic should have option but infuse developer decide not having it, I think they only have 10 title in the database.

I am done with it.

Plex is my default now. Actually the only good of infuse is better support and customize in subtitle. Other than that, I don’t see the greatest of infuse anymore beside keep destroying the DV support from time to time. This is not first time Infuse break the DV support, how dare you highlight as better DV support but instead you break nearly all of it.

I will add though that he did offer one really valid point (to me at least) in the “Alphabetical scrollbar.”

I still don’t really get why that isn’t a thing.

Well at least it is being planned. I don’t mind getting custom collections first though.

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Ah right.
I hadn’t realised it was in the planned stage.

Thanks for the heads up.

Looks like some people want ATV+Infuse to work like some sort of device that plays things incorrectly as long as it plays them. That’s not how it should work, and the ATV limitations as a DV streamer are what they are and must be accepted. If anyone wants that kind of behavior from a streamer, it’s simple, go to the market and buy something else (and meanwhile stop whining about it here).

Please keep ATV+Infuse tidy and not misleading. Keep doing a good job Firecore!



Great job, thx.

The goal we have with Infuse is to play things in most accurate way possible. With Dolby Vision, this often means falling back to the HDR10 layer as some Dolby Vision enhancement layers are not supported on Apple devices.

There are some other apps (discussed earlier in this thread) which are enabling Dolby Vision output for videos which are actually playing in HDR. This may give the appearance that Dolby Vision is working, but it is very much not the case. I don’t necessarily believe this is being done intentionally to try and fool users, but instead is just the result of a misunderstanding of the structure of Dolby Vision files and the playback capabilities available on the Apple TV.

With all that said, if you would like to have Dolby Vision output enabled for these videos (or any videos for that matter) you can simply enable Dolby Vision in the Apple TV’s Video and Audio settings menu, and then disable Match Dynamic Range. Doing this will give you Dolby Vision output for all videos. Dolby Vision output tends to have a slightly warmer feel to it, which some people prefer.


Just the one user as far as I can see.
Plex will be the ideal choice for him though.
Based purely on nothing more than the fact he sees that Plex plays them incorrectly then anything that doesn’t play them incorrectly is broken.

A bizarre philosophy.

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I don’t have Nvidia Shield but do have Chromecast with Google TV but this device is not support Dolby TrueHD and it need transcode the sound track.

I am thinking to buy Nvidia Shield as I know it do support TrueHD and more format support.

Thanks for the tips but I not prefer playback SDR in DV. Anyway probably is time for me to purchase Nvidia Shield now.

DV in those (maybe fake in Apple TV) still getting much better output especially those lighting condition. It is different when it is playback in HDR10.

To me I don’t find DV is more warmer, LG did pretty well and quite identical in both to me but DV is much better output and make HDR shine.