Dolby Vision Profile 5 showing as HDR

Hello everyone! I noticed, I don’t know what update it happened from, but all my Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible files stopped playing, and it does not matter in the mp4 or mkv container. They all play HDR. I watch it on all devices. There is no DV indicator on the covers, all of them have changed to HDR. Is everyone like that?

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What program was used to create these?

AFAIK, the DV spec does not allow for Profile 5 to include a base HDR10 layer.

IIRC, there was a time where DVDFab was creating videos with HDR10 video but adding DV metadata. I’m not sure if this is the case here, but it may explain what is going on. In this case, playing the video in HDR would be the most appropriate option.

Yes, DVDFab was used. I’ve been using it for a long time and infuse has always been perfectly reproduced by DV. But after some update, my DV movies changed the icon to HDR. So I don’t think it has to do with encoding. But I want to note that movies without an HDR layer are played in DV.

We’ve added better handling of these videos in today’s 7.3.10 update.

What is happening here is these are actually Profile 8 videos which are tagged as Profile 5. Infuse will now recognize these correctly as Profile 8, and in this case gracefully fall back to HDR10 (since the Apple devices only support Profile 8 videos with an HLG base layer).


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