Dolby vision profile 5 in MKV

I have the same problem with Dolby Vision Profile 7.
MKV are seen as HDR by Infuse 6.5.9.
I don’t know why.

Because the ATV only supports DV profile 5.

Thanks you very much. i didn’t know.

I’m able to play Dolby Vision Profile 7 using the Plex client on Apple TV. These are mkv files made with makemkv.

Ok but how are they tagged ? Dolby Vision or HDR under Plex.
On my Mac they are tagged : 4K (HEVC Main 10 HDR)

We’re looking into this particular case with DV profile 5.

Profile 5 is what the Apple TV supports. Unfortunately other profiles (include profile 7) are not supported.

Some apps are incorrectly (intentional or not) switching the output mode to DV for profiles other than 5. Infuse does not do this, and always sets the correct mode for the portion of the video which can actually be played.

This thread has more info.

@james Any updates on this? The issue is only when using profile 5 Dolby Vision in MKV container. MP4 is not an issue.

Looks like this thread has been marked as pending. Hopefully see an update soon although it might be after v7 comes ohy

Hmm strange, in infuse playing the new king kong vs godzilla triggers dolby vision for me. Happy with that!

Because its in mp4 format and not mkv

What is the conclusion?

Will Infuse play DV profile 5 on Apple TV when using both MP4 and MKV files?

Need a clear answer, please.

Only mp4 right now.

Over the past few month’s both makemkv, Plex Server and client have started supporting this file support and I was wondering (hoping) if and when Infuse would support this codec. Thank you, Mike.

The Apple TV only supports profile 5. Plex is just forcing the Dolby vision output using only HDR metadata which is not correct. There have already been existing threads about this. You can search for others specific to types and profiles.

Dolby Vision support .ts/.mkv files - #14 by james


So why doesn’t Infuse support Dolby Vision on MKV if the DV profile 5 is used? Can someone clarify why it must be MP4?

The container won’t actually make a difference, and Infuse will be able to handle both MP4 and MKV.

However, MKV files with Dolby Vision usually contain profile 7 videos, which is not supported on the Apple TV.

There is one related thing with profile 5 we are looking into.

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@james does the iPhone 12 Pro Max support profile 7 and over as it also does not work on it, only some Dolby vision files show correct colour profile ?

Profile 7 is dual-layer Dolby Vision. This means the video contains an HDR10 layer, and an extra DV enhancement layer.

Unfortunately, these are not supported on any Apple devices at this time, but Infuse would be able to play the HDR10 layer.


Please add support for Profile 8 too on the new 2021 Apple TV 4K.

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Is profile 8 supported by the AppleTV hardware? It can only playback whatever the hardware supports.