Dolby Vision Playback- MacBook/iPads

Hi All,

I use an Apple TV 4K (2021) to playback DV files on the TV no problems.

My laptop though, running Windows 11 (Dell Latitude 5300), plays them back with a green/ pink colour. I could probably add a GPU to the NAS and force transcoding via JellyFin.

But I was curious- do iPads running the Infuse App play them back correctly? If so, do I need to get one from a certain gen onwards so that they have the hardware capability? (and does regular/air/pro) make a difference here?

Same question for MacBooks- specific gen onwards and Air vs Pro to be able to do it?

I’ve also been reading on these forums that people experience quite dark playback of DV files on iPhones and MacBooks. Is this still a thing?

Sorry guys I don’t have a lot of experience with Apple hardware hence the 20 questions.



Most modern Apple devices will include some level of support for Dolby Vision and HDR.

The higher end devices will feature better screens, so you will see a more dramatic effect due to higher brightness levels. However, you should never see the strange pink and green playback colors when playing these files in Infuse.

Thanks @james

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