Dolby Vision P5 Flicker (macOS)

Hi. I have already written about this problem in TestFlight. There is a flicker of the screen when watching DV Profile 5 video in 7.3.2, I thought to fix it for release, but no. In version infuse 7.3(3923) - this problem was not.
I have already sent a video file in correspondence with support, but 2 updates have already passed and the situation has not changed.
Mac os 12.1

Infuse 7.3.2 public release

MacBook Pro M1

below is the problem in the video


This is a known issue which can appear under certain conditions.

This will likely be resolved in the upcoming 7.3.3 release which includes many playback core changes, as well as a number of improvements for DoVi content.

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Thank you.