Dolby Vision on macOS

Amazing! Glad to see alpha build finally been released.
Currently testing on my M1 Macbook Air.
Ran into an issue with a Dolby Vision file. I am able to play it fine on my iPhone but not on mac infuse.


I have the same problem, also M1 Macbook Pro. You can see the reds in the flag and badge which appear in purple. The Plex player for mac has the same problem. Works fine on the Apple TV.

Thats because there is no support for DV on any Macbook that I know of.
iPad, iPhone and AppleTV 4K support it just fine.

Does Infuse use mpv under the hood?

Infuse uses its own custom player which was built from the ground up.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
Is it fundamentally impossible to support Dolby Vision on macOS or is it a matter of time?

It’s on our wishlist! :slight_smile:

We’ve looked into briefly, and there are a few leads which could lead to some positive results.

However, it’s a bit low down on the totem pole right now as we have a number of more critical things we need to resolve before the release of 7.0.

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I guess I’ll just have to avoid Dolby Vision until then. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Just new beta user with pro subscription on Mac M1. The beta two is supply awesome ! Thanks.

Playing of Dolby Vision x265 videos (Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible) is fine but playing of that one doesn’t (it does perfectly in Dolby Vision on AppleTV 4K and iOS) :

ID                                       : 15
Format                                   : HEVC
Format/Info                              : High Efficiency Video Coding
Profil du format                         : Main 10@L5.2@Main
HDR format                               : Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU
Identifiant du codec                     : dvhe
Identifiant du codec/Info                : High Efficiency Video Coding with Dolby Vision
Durée                                    : 38 min 6s
Débit                                    : 21,4 Mb/s
Largeur                                  : 3 840 pixels
Hauteur                                  : 2 160 pixels
Format à l'écran                         : 16/9
Type d'images/s                          : Constant
Images par seconde                       : 23,976 (24000/1001) Im/s
Espace de couleurs                       : YUV
Sous-échantillonnage de la chrominance   : 4:2:0 (Type 0)
Profondeur des couleurs                  : 10 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Image)                       : 0.108
Taille du flux                           : 5,70 Gio (95%)
Default                                  : Oui
Alternate group                          : 1
Date de marquage                         : UTC 2021-03-15 19:51:09
Gamme de couleurs                        : Full
Codec configuration box                  : hvcC+dvcC

Last, playing Dolby Vision profile 8 and profile 7 (MKV and MP4) in the future is a possibility on macOS (because technically impossible on ATV limited to profile 5) ? Also Airplay in DV on ATV or TV


Hello. I have uploaded a cartoon in DV format. When playing on a MacBook pro m1 11.2 macOS, it produces incorrect colors. On the iPad Pro 2018 and other devices, there is no such problem with this cartoon (it does not have standing HDR, only DV) Will there be any fixes? Thanks.

Version: 7.0.3514 (r) beta2 (last)

What’s the Dolby vision profile? Post media info for the file.

I had the same issue with a copy of Justice League Snyder Cut……I just watched it on my iPad instead lol

Had the same issue with some new files. I did some testes with different media info files with DV, and some research. Found that the DV files that do not work, are the ones with no backward compatibility with HDR. They use dvhe codec, to be backward compatible they need to use hevc codec.
Tested with samples from Dolby. Same result. Only with macOS. With iOS the files play correctly.

Correct me if my conclusions are wrong. Peace.


Идентификатор : 1
Формат : HEVC
Формат/Информация : High Efficiency Video Coding
Профиль формата : Main 10@L5@Main
HDR format : Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU
Идентификатор кодека : dvhe
Идентификатор кодека/Информация : High Efficiency Video Coding with Dolby Vision
Продолжительность : 1 ч. 41 м.
Битрейт : 17,9 Мбит/сек
Ширина : 3 840 пикселей
Высота : 2 160 пикселей
Соотношение сторон : 16:9
Режим частоты кадров : Постоянный
Частота кадров : 23,976 (24000/1001) кадра/сек
Цветовое пространство : YUV
Субдискретизация насыщенности : 4:2:0
Битовая глубина : 10 бит
Бит/(Пиксели*Кадры) : 0.090
Размер потока : 12,6 Гбайт (95%)
Заголовок : Tom and Jerry (2021) - Release by Dolby Vision Torrents
Библиотека кодирования : x265 3.4hy:[Linux][GCC 7.5.0][64 bit] 10bit

In theory, Mac Os has support for Dolby Vision, and iTunes movies are mostly in this format. As for modern Mac displays, they are definitely not worse in color coverage than on the iPad, which can be in Dolby Vision. I think it’s more of a problem at the OS system level.


Any news about a update ?
For profile 5, it’s possible to solve the problem by changing colour from “full” to “limited” in video characteristics in MP4 format (limited just specify P3 colour range BT.2020). I think it’s possible to solve the problem permanently by Infuse update, to read correctly “full” colour range DV profile 5, like tvOS and iOS.
Maybe the same with other profile in macOS.


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This came to the iOS app in version 7.2.1. Will it also come to the macOS version? It doesn’t work yet in version 7.2.1 on macOS, and I don’t see it in the release notes. Thanks.

It’s not available yet but I moved your post to a currently running thread for this feature in the suggestions forum.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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I am getting an Apple Silicon MaBook Pro in the next few days and quite disappointed to learn that some DV videos that play beautifully on tvOS and iPadOS do not play correctly on macOS.

@james is full DV profile support coming to macOS soon?
And is it possible to use the iPad version of Infuse on Apple Silicon Macs?

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