Dolby Vision not recognized

I have a DV Rip but it’s not playing. with HDR I had never a problem but this is the first time I have DV and its not playing. It has a green violet look

Apple TV 4K (2018) and LG TV 2020

Is it in MP4 container? Also is it Encoded in a supported Dolby vision profile?

How can I check this?

Its an mkv container and due to others its working on other HW.

Install mediainfo on a Mac/pc and put the file through there. I don’t believe Dolby Vision MKVs playback on the AppleTV… I’m pretty sure they only work as an MP4 file right now.

If you’re in the mood to upload a sample, we can review it here.

I wanted to add onto this, I also have some DV Profile 5 files in an MKV Container, (file is basically the same as an MP4 one) is there a way we can get support for DV in an MKV Container? I can upload a sample if needed!

Already added a video sample. Hope that Infuse will support DV profile 5 in mvk container soon.

Here you can see the infos.

I was not able to play it via Infuse or direct from my NAS on LG TV. Other people said it is running on there HW like Nvidia shield for example.

If it’s in mkv format that’s why. You’ll have to wait for the devs to implement support



Do you have a hint if I can transcode it in another format?

I’m pretty sure you can extract the audio and video and mix it back into an MP4 container.

Can you try installing the 7.2.1 update and see if this resolves your issue?

This version adds support for some Dolby Vision files which were not supported before.