Dolby Vision not being enabled


I am using Infuse 7.4.

I got loads of files with Dolby Vision.

Plex has no problem playing these and my LG TV shows the “Dolby Vision” Icon/Logo/Text when starting to play a movie.

When I start the same movie in Infuse, I only get the HDR Logo from my TV…

What am I doing wrong?


Infuse is working as expected and falling back to the HDR layer. Plex is just (incorrectly) forcing DV output.

Have a read of Dolby Vision Profile 7 & 8 support (.ts/.mkv files) - #308 by NiCE

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Mhm I dont get it :frowning:

So ATV is not capable of DV?!

Apple TV does support Dolby Vision. I also have an LG TV and the Dolby Vision logo appears when you change the mode from HDR (and vice versa) If you have already played a DV file the next one does not make the DV logo appear again.

When I boot ATV up, Dolby Vision logo appears.

I start HDR movie, HDR logo appears. If I close video, DV logo appears.

No matter how many DV movies I play, the logo always appears?!

In the settings of ATV I activated Dolby Vision.

It may depend on how DV was muxed into the file.

I’ve been playing dv mp4 files and they play correctly in Infuse (the Dolby Vision logo appears every time).

Thats strange.

Thanks for the answer.

I loved Plex but since month the audio is not in sync (about 150ms early) which really grinds my gear.

A lot of people on the plex forums are complaining but no fix in month. Infuse is working fine but I am not willing to use it when it doenst play DV…

I dont get where the problem is…

Try adding a folder of your dv files directly to Infuse - to see if having Plex in the loop is causing the issue.

I’ve only tried mp4 files, it’s possible that mkv files don’t work in Infuse.


thanks for the help. What do you mean by “Try adding a folder”?

I opened Infuse, switched to folders and played the movie from there. HDR only.

I only got MKVs…

Oh, it sounds like you’ve added the same content to both Infuse and Plex. I thought you’d just added Plex as a source to Infuse (rather than the folders themselves).

It’s likely this particular video is a flavor of Dolby Vision which Apple doesn’t support. As @Totalsmokes mentioned, some apps will force DV output when they should be playing HDR, but Infuse will not.

If you can download the MediaInfo app and post the detailed specs it would help us see what type of Dolby Vision is inside this file.

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Tbh: I have the PLEX server installed on my NAS.

I just installed the Infuse App and all the network shares where there and automatically added…

Well I want to be honest:

I am on my trial time and I will use plex (I can set audio delay in my AVR) if infuse doenst handle the DV like I am used to.

I dont want to go into deep analysis with infuse. I tried like 15 DV movies - nothing worked with INfuse.

Dolby Vision has many different flavors, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Infuse will fully support as many types as possible on Apple devices, and fallback to HDR for those which are not supported. This results in the highest possible level of color accuracy for all videos.

In other apps, you may be seeing your TV switch to Dolby Vision mode when the actual video is playing in HDR. This is commonly referred to as ‘fake’ Dolby Vision, and will result in inaccurate colors. The thread linked above has a lot of info on the topic if you are interested.

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