Dolby Vision mkv showing as HDR in the description and not DV

Hello everybody. All movies in Dolby Vision mkv shows in the discription as HDR and not DV. If it’s Dolby Vision mp4, DV appears correctly. But if it’s mkv, it shows HDR. Can you fix this in a future update? Thanks

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Where are these files being streamed from?

Do the files actually appear in Dolby Vision when played in Infuse?

If these are dual-track/layer files then most likely Infuse is not able to support the secondary DV portion, so that is why you are seeing an HDR tag instead of DV.

The files are being streamed from my Emby server. They play in Dolby Vision, it’s everything ok when playing in Infuse, it’s just the description that’s wrong. If it’s an mp4 file, it appears DV in the description. If it’s mkv, it appears HDR10.

For example, this file is Dolby Vision and plays in DV. But it says HDR in the description.

This is likely a limitation with Emby, as Infuse gets the video details from there instead of fetching its own.

If you setup a direct connection (via SMB, NFS, etc…) then Infuse should be able to display the correct specs.

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