Dolby Vision logo instead of “DV”

This would be a little addition to improve the overall look.


There are licensing fees involved I believe in use of these logos… Could be wrong.


You are right about that, however the technology itself isn’t open source and needs licensing. So chances are they already have a license. I’ll back up my guess with this screenshot from Infuse’s main webpage which clearly uses the logo.

Oh, and now that I think of it, when you go to the audio track settings it will use the Dolby logo if the track is in Dolby formats.

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+1 for me

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It has much better readability like it is now, the logo would take too much space and would be very small. It could say full Dolby Vision maybe.

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“Dolby Vision” would be fine for me. “DV” could also stand for “Digital Video”.

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