Dolby Vision issues

Im sure this has veen mentioned before but Id like some clarification please. On the Apple TV I stream my remuxes from a Plex server. On the Plex app it reads my DoVi profiles fine, all as Dolby Vision. These are my own rips. On an external player it reads the DoVi profiles perfectly. On Infuse Pro DoVi is completely hit or miss despite me ripping all of my discs the same way.

I love Infuse’s handling of audio on the ATV, but it seems to read a number of my DoVi rips as HDR. What’s the deal with this? Ive used mediainfo to check out the files and can’t see any difference between them, but I’m guessing there must be?

Does mediainfo show your rips are DV profile 7?

If so, I can assure you that Plex is not playing true Dolby Vision. Plex simply forces the Apple TV into Dolby Vision mode for ALL profile 7 and almost all profile 8.

It’s generally known as fake Dolby Vision.

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Additionally, the upcoming 7.5 release will have expanded support for Dolby Vision (Profile 8).

You can follow this thread for updates.

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