Dolby Vision iPhone 12 recording

Same here.

This is still under investigation…

Is there anything I can do to assist you, e.g. samples movies from the iPhone or FCPX exports?

We have a number of IP12 samples here, but if you want to upload your FCPX export it wouldn’t hurt.

Dolby Vision on the iPhone 12 is profile 8.4. It’s a single layer spec, not dual layer. The base layer is HLG with the RPU (metadata layer on top). Profile 8 also can do SDR as the base layer + RPU.

I am kind of a professional video editor, and I have done several tests of exporting my HLG footage shot on my Sony mirrorless camera to Dolby Vision 10-bit 8.4, HDR10 and HLG via FCPX. All results look fine on Infuse and iOS default AVKit player.

I am guessing the reason @aagribeiro’s findings say that it looks fine on this Mac is because Mac’s QuickTime supports and recognises the Dolby Vision 8.4 profile and displays the EDR Tonemap correctly, and Infuse doesn’t recognise Profile 8.4 yet, hence it’s only showing HLG base layer.

Moreover because of this, Infuse doesn’t recognise the metadata for Profile 8.4 yet, showing the ‘HDR’ badge and not the ‘DV’ badge as it can be seen in Profile 5 videos.


Greetings, Could you kindly explain why Apple would have chosen an HLG format. I associate HLG for broadcast TV for Europe and am not familiar in this technology and why Apple would have chosen it.

In the tvOS version 5.8.2 it is said (Infuse Release Notes | Firecore):

  • Improved support for HDR (HLG) videos

So here it’s something different ?

When I try to play an hdr video shot or edited by iPhone 12 Pro Max, it shows it as hdr in the info section but plays it as SDR with wrong gamma and as REC709 instead of REC2020

HLG is a format that basically is composed of two layers: An SDR layer and an HDR layer.

The big benefit of the format is that it lets devices that are capable of only one format to show that one format. Other formats require the devices to recognize the format and convert, rather than display what your device is capable of.

Info on how HDR iphone 12 pro video is structured…hoping full DV playback of iphone .mov HDR files comes to Infuse soon? I have yet to find any method to play video clips from my iphone 12 pro max in true 4K DV (profile 8.4)…when I play with an apple TV 4K using Infuse Pro app off of a plex server, they are recognized as HDR (but not DV) but display with blown out contrast :frowning: :frowning:

(connection of Apple 4K TV to my TV is set to HDR adaptive to source…Infuse app keeps this as a DV connection and my new Vizio QuantumX TV shows the dolby badge from the AppleTV…but yeah, blown out contrast when played from Infuse FYI, from PC to the Vizio via direct HDMI cable, files play fine at HDR10 (no DV) with windows 10 HDR but lack the extra ‘pop’ of color and contrast that DV or even HLG would provide…from a USB stick after repackaging as mkv, iphone clips play as HLG with the noticeable ‘pop’ of contrast but lacking color saturation…but at least aren’t blown out like they are when played through Infuse)

Does this work? I have not tried.

Hi all,

excuse me if this is somewhat double posting, couldn’t find a proper thread.
Using latest infuse7 and the new ATV 4K HDR all content is playing perfectly.
But playing a self shot HDR video from iPhone12 is displayed extremly overcolored .
Video is 4K 60Hz but same issue with 4K 30HZ (DolbyVision)

If I play the same video via Airplay (on the ATV) it’s ok.
Re-encoding via Final-Cut doesn’t fix it.

infuse preview shows 4K- HDR AAC .

What’s wrong ?

Thanks a lot.


New ATV plays YouTube in HDR as well… Seems like Apple have added HLG only to new ATV.

This looks like misidentification by infuse of the contents.

It should recognize that this content is HDR/DV and play it with the correct color gamut.

Dolby Vision videos recorded on iPhone are dual layer, like HLG, and only seems to work on new ATV.

It doesn’t work well on the new 2021 Apple TV 4K either.
With Infuse, the colors are bad, and with AirPlay, it appears in SDR.

Hello everyone,

Is there any way for Infuse 7 to recognize HLG HDR videos and output as so on the new Apple TV 4K? This could allow us to play back all videos recorded on iPhone 12 as HDR.

I moved your post to a currently running thread on this topic. Note by the topic tag it’s being researched. :wink:

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I guess its been a while but I still have issues with HLG playback:

  • Iphone 13Pro shot HDR clip gets flagged as HDR but when playing back it gets downconverted to SDR (as my TV does not switch into HDR mode).

HDR works fine in infuse for HDR10/PQ sources :man_shrugging:
So is this something only the newest appleTV can do? if so … ehh why?

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What device are you trying to play this on? And what OS?

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