Dolby Vision iPhone 12 recording

With the iPhone 12 supporting Dolby Vision recording and playback natively, what does this mean for DV support in Infuse? Will we see support for dual layer DV?

I’m sure it will just be the already-supported Dolby vision single layer profile 5. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to share files with other devices unless everyone was updated.

Wouldn’t that also mean the file could not be played on a non-Dolby Vision supporting device? Or am I misunderstanding single layer DV… Does it just fall back to SDR?

Might be a problem, but maybe not. Not sure how single layer Dolby vision works. If it is like audio it can just ignore that part

Doubt it. Dual layer is a used pretty much only in the bluray spec. That being said it’s a complete waste of time and energy to speculate on what form Dolby vision recording will take. It’s better to just wait and see when the phone is actually released.

Now that it’s confirmed that the iPhone 12 shoots dvhe08.04 (Profile 8) based on HLG, does this change anything with how Infuse will play back these files? AFAIK the Apple TV 4K hasn’t supported HLG playback despite people finding HLG-related strings in plists dating all the way back to 2017.

Probably not yet. Not until Apple updates tvOS to support it. Even then that doesn’t mean they’ll support all the other profiles as well.

I would assume dvhe08.04 support would be enabled in tvOS 14.1, which came out today. My intuition is that non DV HLG video might be supported as well.

But this won’t include dual layer DV as found in blurays as this is a completely different profile.

Makemkv already puts the data onto a single layer. The trick would be to get someone to convert any profile to this new one without losing quality. I think converting to profile 5 we lose something, but don’t remember all of the different parts.

Dual layer to single layer isn’t a true 1:1 copy; you lose some dynamic HDR. It’s better than HDR10 but not as good as the original dolby vision dual layer. There was someone who did an in-depth analysis a few months after DVDfab came out with their DV support; i don’t remember which message forum it was.

This isn’t quite accurate (though it could be)—DVDFab uses a different method than the new MKV/MP4/TS muxing technique which uses only Dolby-provided software. No one has done a similar analysis on the new files yet, though I hope someone does soon!

But also yes, this isn’t really on topic—the addition of HLG-based DV will not change the fact that Apple TV cannot play back UHD remuxes.